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Crypto’s Next Frontier: Virtual Reality – And World of Warcraft

P. H. Madore
As crypto storms into the mainstream, it's approaching a tantalizing new frontier: virtual reality - and a crypto-powered World of Warcraft. | Source: Shutterstock. Image Edited by CCN.

Imagine the near future, when virtual reality – along with cryptocurrency – has become a fixture of daily life.

The Other World Built on Ours – And Powered by Crypto

Some people might work in VR, commuting to work from their home-office desk and doing tasks at a virtual workplace. The work will mostly be intellectual, but just consider the possibilities: After work, what can you do?

Imagine a massively multiplayer roleplaying game like Runescape or World of Warcraft suddenly converted to VR. Now add cryptocurrency and blockchain, what do you have? The ability to own that bow or staff in your hand. Likely even the ability to trade it for real money, via blockchain.

The implications aren’t just in economics, either.

VR gaming will give rise to more exercise among gamers if nothing else. People will have to move about to play the games most effectively. That alone will be viewed as an improvement by many.

Beyond that, however, there are the implications of a new world on top of the existing one. Want to travel to China? No need to get on an airplane.

Get on your VR headset and pay a small fee to tour China – perhaps in real-time. Virtual worlds could overlay existing ones with the right camera equipment.

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