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Crypto Secure Cloaked Wireless Debuts SIM Swap-Proof Service at Consensus 2022

·4 min read
Cloaked Wireless
Cloaked Wireless

Consensus attendees can get a free Anon NFTs

Austin, TX, June 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain Wire) Cloaked Wireless (https://cloakedwireless.com), the crypto secure wireless company, today announced its debut at Consensus 2022. Conference attendees can get a first look at Cloaked Wireless’s secure wireless services that use cryptographic authentication to provide wireless subscribers with unparalleled protection against unauthorized SIM swaps and port-out attacks. Attendees can also get a free Anon NFT with the purchase of certain Cloaked Wireless credit packages in their early access sale. Interviews are available in room #17B on the 4th floor of the Convention Center during Consensus, near Paypal, Polygon, Mastercard, Copper, and NEAR starting June 10th through 11th from 9 am-6 pm CT.

The mobile device handles more of our personal and financial information than any other device, making wireless subscribers attractive targets for unauthorized SIM swaps and port-out attacks. Last year, there were more than 250,000 victims of these types of attacks in the United States alone. With the frequency and financial impacts of these attacks increasing rapidly, Cloaked Wireless saw the necessity of wireless service with security at its core.

Cloaked Wireless provides wireless subscribers with the same quality mobile service they expect from any major carrier while leveraging cryptographic authentication to prevent sim swaps and identity theft. Unlike most providers, Cloaked Wireless’ staff have no ability to modify accounts or authorize sim swaps, therefore putting all of the control into the user's hands. With enhanced security around account creation and authentication, users can ultimately rest assured that they won't be victims of unauthorized SIM swaps or port-out attacks.

Cloaked Wireless believes that user data belongs to the user, and therefore collects and retains the least amount of data required by regulators. Your activities and information will not be monetized, packaged, or resold by Cloaked Wireless.  Other providers view this (and you) as a commodity to be sold. Cloaked doesn't, so there’s no reason to keep any data we aren't required to.

“Cloaked’s goal is to place control of information back into the hands of the users. Everyone deserves privacy and security,” says Jonathan Wilkins, CEO of Cloaked Wireless. “Current cellular networks behave as though the protection of their customers is an afterthought at best and that’s why we created Cloaked Wireless, for us, it is our highest priority.”

“Cloaked is taking major leaps in giving the power of information and security back into the hands of users,” says Michael Terpin, CEO of Transform Group and Cloaked Wireless Investor. “No one should have or be able to grant access to your account but the primary user. Launching with their pre-sale and NFT allows users to get in on the ground floor of a revolutionary new service.”

Powered by an exceptional network of nationwide 4G/5G coverage with secure unlimited talk, text, and data, Cloaked Wireless is offering a limited pre-sale of early access credits, including a free NFT from the Anon NFT collection with certain offers. Participants of the early access sale can purchase limited-time price credits of $150 for $100 (with a lifetime 5% discount and 2 weeks early access), $300 for $200 (with a lifetime 5% discount and 2 weeks early access), $600 for $450 (with lifetime 10% discount, free NFT and 1-month early access) or $1200 for $800  (with lifetime 10% discount, free NFT and 1-month early access). Cloaked Wireless makes it simple to transfer from a user's current service provider. Simply choose a usage plan, create an account and choose from multiple payment options like Bitcoin, Lightning, or more traditional methods like credit cards. Once a security level has been selected, choose eSIM or a Cloaked Wireless SIM card. Cloaked Wireless operates on a BYOE (Bring your own everything) policy allowing users to bring the unlocked phone of their choice and keep their current number or start fresh with a new one.

For more information about Cloaked Wireless and the credit pre-sale, including a free NFT, visit www.cloakedwireless.com.

About Cloaked Wireless
Cloaked Wireless is founded by diehard cypherpunks and world-class information security experts. All of that experience and expertise goes into auditing, testing, and ensuring that our systems provide a safe and secure experience protected against malicious intent. This talented pool of security experts is also how Cloaked Wireless can continually introduce new features to enhance the security and privacy of our subscriber's wireless service. Cloaked Wireless is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cloaked Services Inc. Cloaked Services Inc is a privacy and security company creating product and service offerings that help everyone be private and secure. Visit https://cloakedwireless.com/ to get started.

All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their registered owners.

CONTACT: Media Contact: cloaked@transformgroup.com