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Cryptogenic Bullion - The Virtual Commodity Blurring the Lines Between Currency and Big Data

The lead project developer of Cryptogenic Bullion (CB), Mercury Stills, recently unveiled details of his major project, MADEsparq Project. A white paper has been published on the CB website. From the white paper, "This new paradigm, named the MADEsparq Project, aims to blur the defining lines between currency, technology, and data by using the CB block chain to mediate the mapping of data to create, and add value, to content and unstructured and semi-structured data."

The MADEsparq Project website, MADEsparq.org, is under construction but will begin to offer some of the functionality mentioned in the white paper by mid-January. Moreover, the client software will have an open alpha release by the middle of next month. "The project is meant to intricately involve the inherent random structure of the Cryptogenic Bullion block chain and spark new ways of categorizing and collaborating about data, regardless of your interest or level of expertise. It's an open-source, open-collaboration project, so it made sense to have the alpha release be open as well," said Stills.

It's that intricate relationship between CB and the growing number of participants using the CB network and block chain (ie. the public ledger system similar to Bitcoin) to mediate all the data categorizations and mappings, from a variety of knowledge-domains, that creates intrinsic value for the virtual commodity. "I honestly think this paradigm I'm trying to create will change everyone's perspective on the possibilities of virtual currencies. We can do so much with them, not just as a form of transferring value. And that, in turn, will help accelerate mass adoption of CB and Bitcoin."

The MADEsparq Project supports only the virtual commodity, Cryptogenic Bullion. But other virtual currencies and commodities might be supported. "Eventually, Bitcoin will be supported, but not until we're in beta development."

Cryptogenic Bullion's price at the time of this writing is about 0.0017 per Bitcoin or $0.92 and trades on various virtual currency exchanges, and its total market value is about $900K, which is miniscule compared to Bitcoin's $7 billion market value. "Cryptogenic Bullion was released less than five months ago and we're just now announcing our first major project. It's obviously an amazing time for participants to get a stake in the currency and to try to be independent from the corporate banking sector, while also pursuing one's own dreams. There's dozens of global currencies backed by centralized and often corrupt governments. Now, the people are taking all finance matters into their own hands. Soon there will be a vast system of virtual currencies and commodities, many with their own niche, akin to our current global system of fiat currencies. Decentralized, peer-to-peer virtual currency networks will change the way the world works for the better."

For more information about Cryptogenic Bullion visit http://cryptogenicbullion.org/.

Contact Info:
Name: Mercury Stills
Email: info@CryptogenicBullion.org