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CryptoMood - Avail Real-Time Analysis of the Crypto Market

UNITED KINGDOM / ACCESSWIRE / February 20, 2019 / Fundamental analysis is a method of analysing security (digital asset) with an aim to assess its intrinsic value by identifying and examining associated economic, financial and other qualitative and quantitative aspects. It involves reviewing all the factors that can impact the value of the security including microeconomics as well as macroeconomic factors. The primary objective of the fundamental analysis is to generate quantitative value through which an investor can compare a security's current price, thereby indicating whether it is undervalued or overvalued.

Over the course of 10 years, the fundamental analysis process has become significantly popular. However, it is also one of the most time-consuming forms of analysis, which creates problems for investors to keep up with the market trends timely.

The Data-Time Challenge

Data-time problem is an issue which occurs when individuals have a lot of information to comprehend but not enough time to evaluate it. However, owing to technological advancements there are multiple tools that analyze the data for traders and investors and provide them with relevant insights to make smart investment decisions.

Analysing the Precariousness of Cryptocurrency Domain

While a highly profitable domain, the cryptocurrency landscape is extremely volatile. The values of crypto coins often witness significant high/low with every passing day. Evidently, it requires extensive market knowledge to analyze the trends and make an investment decision in this domain. This is where tools that facilitate analysis plays a vital role in offering investors real-time information with regards to changing trends and market values.

CryptoMood - Extending Stability and Efficiency

The advent of natural learning processing and understanding capability have enabled modern computers to identify, understand, and evaluate market activities in the matter of a few seconds. Combing the potentials of artificial intelligence and natural language processing and understanding, CryptoMood has extended a market tracking tool for investor all across the globe. It has the ability to analyze over 30,000 news sources, 10 news aggregators, 5 primary social media networks and 500 trading and cryptocurrency blogs. The tool has integrated data-mining and data scrapping methods with a vision to make crypto trading simpler and reliable.

Features of CryptoMood

CryptoMood is aiming to be the first market fundamental radar that offers real-time market analysis. To accomplish the same, the tool offers the following features:-

  1. Massive data-mining

  2. Advanced Natural Language Processing and Understanding

  3. Analysing social media response on cryptocurrency-related subjects

  4. Summarized topics where important news will be highlighted

Products by CryptoMood

Presently, the team is all geared up to offer two essential products to investors in order to make the trading process more efficient. The products include:-

  1. ElasticTrader - The cryptocurrency and forex trading platform

  2. MT Terminal - An effective MetaTrader plugin that offers unique features like Market Depth View.

CryptoMood - Offering Real-Time Analysis of Crypto Market

CryptoMood primarily works towards boosting the trading process by processing enormous news data. It has integrated artificial intelligence and natural learning processing that is capable of analysing relevant news from across the globe. By facilitating high-speed data processing and real-time info, the tool enables investors to garner valuable insights in order to make smart and profitable investment decisions time and again.

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Amir Mamaghani




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