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Crystal Century Investment Launches Liquid Alternative Multi-Asset Fund

Alternative asset management firm launches multi-asset fund to provide diversification benefits for accredited and private investors.

NEW YORK, July 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Crystal Century Investment today announced the launch of a multi-asset alternative investment fund aimed at providing institutional clients and retail investors with access to an actively managed alternative fund, helping to increase the benefits of diversification during periods of market stress.

As uncertain market conditions continue to pressure investors into taking on more equity risk, the fund aims to relieve stress enhanced positions by participating through a range of alternative classes whose performance is less reliant on favorable market conditions.

"With the introduction of our liquid alternative multi-asset fund, we have addressed a number of investor concerns in response to an uneasy imbalance of the current risk-benefit equation. At both the institutional level and retail level, investors are looking to reduce risk exposure by moving away from overvalued equities into more attractive, alternative forms of investment," said Scott McCarthy, Head of Global Investment Strategy at Crystal Century Investment.

In line with evolving investor demands, the fund will be available to private clients as a registered, close-end managed fund. Previously limited to institutional clients, Crystal Century Investment's alternative fund platform will be offered to existing private clients under conditions in line with 1009 tax reporting standards.

"The liquid alternative fund will employ a number of strategies that will appeal to our private investors as well as our more established institutional accounts. With a flexible alternative management style, private investors will for the first time have access to our multi-asset expertise that has in the past been reserved for institutional clients."

"With a focus on reacting to an ever-changing economic cycle, tactical allocation will adjust for dislocations in pursuit of capturing value across periodic intervals and geographies. Incorporating liquid alternatives as part of a robust, diversified portfolio, aligned to withstand a number of market environments, has become an essential part of how we here at Crystal Century continue to manage our client's assets," continued McCarthy.

About Crystal Century Investment

Founded in 1984, Crystal Century Investment is a leading provider of wealth management services and alternative investment solutions. With offices located in Hong Kong and New York, the firm's global client base is comprised of private investors, families and institutions.

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