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'CSI' Might Be Coming Back to TV and We Honestly Can't Contain Our Excitement

Megan Stein
Photo credit: CBS Photo Archive

From Country Living

  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation might be getting a limited series revival.
  • Some of the original cast members have reportedly been approached about starring in the show, which also inspired spinoffs CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, and CSI: Cyber.

We can’t even keep our cool about this: CSI might be coming back to TV!

Deadline claimed there are rumors circulating about a revival of sorts for the hit show, which ended in 2015. The outlet reported that it would be a “sequel to the mothership” and would be set in Las Vegas. It would likely return as a limited series, similar to the latest installments of 24 and Prison Break.

In even better news, they have apparently approached former cast members (and cutest couple?) William Petersen, the OG star of CSI, and Jorja Fox, who played Sara Sidle for nearly 300 episodes. No formal offers have been made, but can you imagine?!

Photo credit: CBS Photo Archive

We do have to mention, though, that absolutely none of this is 100% confirmed. As Deadline said, it’s “still in the early stages and may not come together within a reasonable financial framework.”

But if you do decide to join us and ignore that disclaimer, then you might want to know a potential date. It seems they’re trying to pull it all together in time for the 20th anniversary of the CSI premiere, which was in October 2000. Meaning if our dreams do come true, we could see the gang back together again this fall.

With Criminal Minds ending so soon, we need something to look forward to and this is the perfect replacement. Here’s hoping it all comes together—and that maybe they bring back CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, and CSI: Cyber too? Just a thought!

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