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CTRL USA a leading private investment company announced that it is entering agreements to acquire assets within the Private Golf Club / Resorts & equestrian industries

ATLANTA, June 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- CTRL USA  is announcing plans of expanding its portfolio of assets into the commercial real estate market with aim to include world renowned Private Golf Clubs/Resorts as well as private equestrian properties with F&B options. CTRL USA projects the first acquisition scheduling to begin & close by year-end with transactions still subject to customary closing conditions, and to have an aggregate transaction value of approximately 50 to 100 Million USD.

Comment From the Company's Chairman & CEO (C.K. McWhorter )

It is after great consideration and sound market studies that CTRL USA will be strategically planning the expansion of our portfolio through the private golf club / resort & equestrian industries. With our detailed market insights and research we have determined the growing trend there is of an extreme demographic diversity influx within the private golfing and equestrian market . CTRL USA is privately in negations in regards to the acquisition of a group of valuable assets/properties to assure those growing needs are properly met. We look forward to becoming an industry leader by providing locations that are diverse in demographics as well as offering innovative new standards in sporting technology &  e-co friendliness. We also look forward to maintaining the traditions, beauty & integrity of the golfing and equestrian sports market while optimizing its growth/relevance within the coming generations.

CTRL USA is a leading private investment company specializing in:
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