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Cubs stay classy, dress up as 'Anchorman' characters for road trip

The Chicago Cubs have been no stranger to the themed costume road trip under manager Joe Maddon. Their outfits may sometimes seem random, but there’s actually a method to Maddon’s madness.

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With the club heading out on a West Coast road trip that includes a series in San Diego, Maddon decided everyone on the team should dress up in their best “Anchorman” attire. The Cubs did not disappoint.

Some players, like Kyle Schwarber, interpreted that literally, dressing up as characters from the franchise.

John Lackey did the same, though we’re not going to ask you to pick which player is the better Champ Kind.

Even the coaches got involved. Strength and conditioning coach Tim Buss took the opportunity to really get into character.

Cubs strength and conditioning coach Tim Buss really got into character. (AP Photo)

Others took it as a chance to wear colorful/tacky suits.

First baseman Anthony Rizzo embraced the challenge, though we’re not sure he dressed up as someone from the “Anchorman” movies. He went with a general ’70s look, complete with a wig.

While it doesn’t fully fit the theme, our favorite of the bunch might be Kris Bryant’s effort. He showed up wearing a jersey suit. If you’re having trouble picturing that, don’t worry, there’s video.

Both his suit jacket and pants are covered with the Cubs logo. The back of the jacket is meant to emulate his on-field jersey. Both his name and number are stitched on the back. Bryant didn’t just walk into a store and purchase a tacky suit, he planned his out. We can respect that.

Kris Bryant spent some time on his road trip attire. (AP Photo)

We here at The Stew can get board with the idea, but we do have one request. Should the Cubs get into a brawl with the Padres in the upcoming series, they have to wear these outfits as a tribute to one of the greatest movie fight scenes of all-time. Just make sure nobody gives Schwarber a trident.

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