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Curb Taxi Media Announces Massive Expansion Of Digital Taxi Top Network in New York City With Energy Efficient Solar Technology

NEW YORK, June 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Curb Taxi Media, the leading provider of mobility media in the United States, today announced plans to expand its network of high-definition digital taxi tops in New York City to more than 1,200 screens over the summer, doubling the size of its nearest competitor. These new screens are designed with integrated solar panels making them energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

With over 65% market share in New York City, Curb continues to lead by combining innovation and scale to provide brands, agencies, and programmatic advertising buyers with the widest range of options to address on-the-go consumers in today's increasingly mobility-centric media environment. Having launched the first High-Def LCD taxi tops in 2014, Curb offers the industry's largest and brightest screens. The newly expanded digital taxi top network allows marketers to leverage sophisticated media planning capabilities such as street-level geolocation, real-time RSS data integration, and weather triggers, allowing for extremely precise audience and message targeting. Programmatic platform integration, combined with post-campaign measurement & attribution insights, bring new levels of targeting and accountability to hundreds of millions of monthly digital ad impressions across the network. 

"Taxi media is hands down the best platform in New York to reach consumers efficiently and effectively. This significant investment in digital inventory reflects our ongoing commitment to provide the most dynamic and advanced capabilities for our brand partners," said Chris Polos, VP of Media Sales.

Curb has partnered with leading marketers on variety of innovative, buzzworthy  digital taxi top campaigns -- including "The New United in NYC" campaign in partnership with McGarry Bowen and Kinetic Worldwide, winner of two Cannes Lions, a MediaPost DOOH Award, and two OBIE Awards. https://gocurb.com/blog/curb-products/united-airlines-the-new-united-in-nyc/

About Curb Taxi Media
Curb Taxi Media, a division of Curb Mobility, is the leading provider of mobility-centric media in the United States and United Kingdom. With over 20,000 digital screens inside and outside of taxis and rideshare vehicles, and 20,000 additional static tops and wraps, we combine the benefits of traditional out-of-home advertising with cutting-edge digital technology to reach millions of on-the-go consumers daily, delivering relevant content and advertising to audiences in over 22 DMAs.

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