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CurveBlock Brings Financial Inclusion to the Green Real Estate Development Space

·4 min read

New details of first model home design, CurveBlock's platform enables people to invest in green property development projects in return for a share of the profit.

Leeds, UK --News Direct-- CurveBlock

CurveBlock, a Leeds based FinTech company, brings financial inclusion to the green real estate development space. Recently, they released further detail of the first working prototype model home design which will be within a full range of unit types in their construction portfolio. Until now, most people have been excluded from investing in real estate development, which is the world’s largest asset class and historically, the number one wealth creator. CurveBlock breaks that mold and allows everyone access to this sector.

CurveBlock carbon zero, energy positive model home.
CurveBlock carbon zero, energy positive model home.

CurveBlock is building a fund for everyone to invest in. The fund invests in carbon zero, energy positive home development, beginning across the UK and then abroad.

This home is the first of several models CurveBlock will invest in. It is a 1600 square foot, 4 bed detached home with zero energy bills and produces circa 250% more energy than it consumes.

With the world goal to reduce carbon emissions and the UK’s specific goals of carbon reduction, these homes will produce zero carbon with no fossil fuel use of any kind. The prototype is the first of several designs or typologies, built to a high specification which integrates multiple renewable energy technologies. These designs remove all requirements for fossil fuels from residential homes.

This ultra-energy-efficient home saves typical homeowners circa £1200 per annum, as it costs nothing to run in terms of utility bills. If the homeowner owns an electric vehicle, the savings is over £4000 per annum. If you do not own an electric vehicle, you can sell the excess energy back to the grid. This not only benefits the homeowner financially, it also pushes the residential construction industry into an innovative, 100% renewable energy asset class. With the goal of zero carbon also comes a need for new forms of energy production. CurveBlock homes will be energy positive homes, as they will contribute to the grid instead of using energy from the grid. Energy positive homes are required to meet carbon zero objectives by governments around the globe.

The prototype also advances the cause of net zero to another level. These homes utilise established building technologies that have greatly improved in recent years. This type of construction delivers an advanced, energy positive specification without a price premium. These homes bring to fruition another goal of CurveBlock, home ownership. Keeping the price of these homes at or below the cost of brick and block, traditional construction is important for access to ownership by more individuals and families.

To solve big problems like carbon emissions requires a collaborated effort by many people and companies. CurveBlock actively looks for partners who positively impact carbon zero, energy positive home development and help move the needle toward financial inclusion. Working alongside councils and landowners that want to be a part of the carbon zero, energy positive solution is vital to CurveBlock and to the carbon zero goals of the UK. Contact CurveBlock if you would be interested in and can support these ambitious goals. Together, we can make a difference in carbon emissions for the UK and the world and we can accomplish this by bringing everyone along with financial inclusion that takes positive steps towards financial independence at the same time.

Matthew Couch - CurveBlock co-founder and Managing Director of Land & Development says, "With the world goal of reducing our carbon emissions rapidly gaining pace, we are immensely proud that CurveBlock are at the forefront of bringing truly Modern Methods of Construction to the UK real estate market. Our developments will not only be Carbon Zero, but will feed surplus green energy back into the wider grid, reducing the countries’ overall dependence on power generated from fossil fuels.

To solve global problems are at the heart of everything we do at CurveBlock and we are glad to be taking the first steps to create a cleaner world to be enjoyed by future generations."

About CurveBlock

Over the years, real estate developments have remained the largest and most profitable asset class across the globe, with a 2018 report by research outfit Savills putting the economic value at $280.6 trillion. CurveBlock is a platform that uses blockchain technology to enable people to invest in green property development projects in return for a share of the profit.

Andrew Carnegie, a billionaire industrialist, stated, “Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate. More money has been made in real estate than in all industrial investments combined. The wise young man or wage earner of today invests his money in real estate.” CurveBlock has been introduced as a way to give greater access to this exceedingly large and continually growing asset class.

CurveBlock has a team with 117+ years combined construction and development experience as well as 30+ years executive business experience. The company meets 9 out of 17 of the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. Details are included in the executive summary that is downloadable on the CurveBlock website.

For more information, visit www.curveblock.io

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