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Custom Gold Grillz Launches New Website Offering Affordable 18k IP Gold-Plated Grills

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 9, 2014 / Launched in August 2014, CustomGoldGrillz.com aims to take on the hip hop fashion scene with their own unique line of stainless steel gold teeth grillz.

Custom Gold Grillz, a San Francisco Bay Area based company specializing in affordable gold teeth grillz, has launched a new website featuring its top-selling custom grillz sets for those seeking that luxurious and stylish smile without breaking the bank.

The new CustomGoldGrillz.com presents its exclusive premium grills line made from high quality stainless steel. Using cutting-edge ion plating technology, these grillz are plated with genuine 18K gold allowing them to last without tarnishing or fading. This product is the first of its kind to provide a long-lasting look of high quality grillz at a low price.

Dedicated to bringing customers the convenience of purchasing hip hop grillz online within their budget, CustomGoldGrillz.com carries a variety of styles, ranging from the classic solid 6 and 8 tooth caps to iced out grillz with simulated diamonds. Their one-size-fits-all grillz can be easily fit to wear at home in just a few minutes, and don't require a visit to the dentist for any molds or messy fitting.

Because the stainless steel grills are 18k gold ion plated and not made of solid gold, CustomGoldGrillz.com is able to sell them at a fraction of the price of a typical solid gold grillz set - while still offering the same look and feel as real gold fronts.

The brass grills, on the other hand, are electroplated with a layer of 14k gold and can last a few months with normal wear and care. They are perfect to wear for certain occasions or music videos.

"The grillz were easy to wear and fit perfectly on me," said Jeremy, a satisfied customer from Atlanta. "They look just like a real set and I love the great price. Thanks for the great customer service too!"

While ideal for wearing all year round, Custom Gold Grillz provides great options for Halloween. In particular, the vampire fang grillz is becoming a fast-selling accessory as the spooky season is just around the corner.

To find out more about the teeth grills from Custom Gold Grillz, please visit https://www.customgoldgrillz.com for information.

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Custom Gold Grillz brings the hottest hip hop grillz and gold teeth at the most affordable prices on the market. The company carries a wide range of easy-to-wear grills that don't require any dental molds to keep wearers smiling in style.

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