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My Custom Heart is Revolutionizing Gift Giving

CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / March 12, 2020 / My Custom Heart, a business built upon providing women with gifts they love, is revolutionizing the gifting industry.

Founded in 2018, My Custom Heart has quickly grown to be one of the largest online gift retailers. They have identified the struggle of finding the right gift for a significant other and have become a marketplace for anyone looking for a heartfelt gift that won't disappoint.

Their gift-giving model is based on one principle: The best gifts are tailored for the recipient.

Jennifer Lawson of My Custom Heart explains the importance of tailoring your gift for the recipient, "It shows the effort and time you took to get the gift. It will always feel good when the person you love puts in an effort to get your attention. Whenever you receive a gift that was personalized, you automatically know that the person who got you the gift knows you well. The trick of personalizing a Custom Heart is to think of who you are buying it for during every step and putting yourself in their shoes."

My Custom Heart is the only store as of today that allows you to customize each aspect of a gift. You choose the colors, the scents, the items, the jewelry and much more. They boast that over one billion possible combinations of gifts are possible, so that you can be sure that your gift is one of a kind.

With thousands of 5-star reviews and tremendous growth over the past year, it can be easy to forget about My Custom Heart's humble beginning:

In December of 2018 two close friends, Michael Kik and Michael Hriso, happened to have their respective girlfriend's birthdays approaching. They decided to help each other create the perfect gifts, and thus, the first Custom Hearts were created. They crafted their gifts with all the items their girlfriend's loved. Once received, both girlfriends were ecstatic about their gifts and wanted to know what company they got the gifts from. Upon revealing that the gifts were home-made, their girlfriends strongly urged that these types of gifts be shared with the rest of the world, and thus, My Custom Heart was born.

The first step to creating My Custom Heart was to create the perfect container. The container is critical since it creates the first impression, and sets the tone for the rest of the gifting experience.

"We wanted a container that would immediately tell the recipient that they were in for a special treat. A container that popped, something that would remind the recipient of how much they are loved every time they saw it."

The container that was created did not disappoint. A large crystalline heart filled with miniature roses, a beautiful display that yells "I love you!"

The gift selection to fill and surround the heart are many and varied. Bath bombs, French soaps, necklaces, rings, rose bears, 24K Gold Roses, to name a few. You choose what you want, and what you don't. You craft the perfect gift for the person you know best.

When asked about why My Custom Heart stands out in the gifting industry, Michael Hriso explained, "Our constant research and improvements is what sets us apart in the gifting industry. From the beginning, we have always focused on what gifts the receivers loved the most. We get rid of the gifts that people were not fond of and always test new interest specific gifts that are constantly being brought into this industry. This constant process of improvement is what we credit to our customer satisfaction. We understand that the interests of women change and we want to provide men with the perfect gifts every year. Our products are always updated and improved to ensure we have the best gifts available for boyfriends and husbands to customize. Gifts that women love!"

My Custom Heart also provides a sense of luxury with their gifts. All jewelry comes with a LED display case. It's a case wrapped in PU leather, and once the case is opened an LED shines a beam directly onto a sparkling piece of gold, silver, or platinum jewelry.

The 24K Gold Dipped Rose is another luxury item which is extremely unique. My Custom Heart explains "Love is eternal, so we designed our roses to be eternal. A rose preserved by gold, the ultimate sign of love that will last a lifetime."

The roses come with a certificate of authenticity.

To wrap up the gift, My Custom Heart allows for custom heartfelt notes. Created with heartfelt calligraphy font, a message full of your love, inside jokes, nicknames, and much more adds the final personal touch to the gift.

Each Custom Heart comes together to create a unique, tailored gift which is sure to make any recipient feel loved.

Jennifer Lawson of My Custom Heart explains the importance of a personalized gift, "It reminds you of the person who gave the gift. Suppose someone gave you a personalized coffee mug. Naturally, this new coffee mug will replace your current favorite mug. Now, with every sip of the coffee you drink, the mug will remind you of the person who gave it to you. This is what a good gift is supposed to do, right? And this is what every personalized heart is capable of doing. It will keep reminding the person about the loved one who gave them the gift."

This unique gifting model was immediately a huge success with couples everywhere. My Custom Heart quickly grew as customers provided overwhelming support.

When asked about the biggest driver of their growth, Michael Kik explained, "Our customer service is instrumental to our growth. We understand that gifts are meant to supplement special moments in our lives, and we have no room for error. If every customer isn't completely satisfied, that means we ruined someone's anniversary, birthday, Christmas, or any other special day. That isn't okay, so we do everything in our power to make sure every customer is 100% satisfied with our product and its delivery."

This claim is backed by over 2000 positive reviews.


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