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The Cyber Genie to Revolutionise the Future of Bartering and Freelancing with a Decentralised App

Cyber Genie, a decentralised platform where freelancers and creators commit to creating a self-sufficient, skill-based, sustainable community and economy

Munich, Germany, Sept. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Cyber Genie is a decentralised platform where freelancers and creators commit to creating a self-sufficient, skill-based, sustainable community and economy. With revolutionary technology and a worldwide communication network, The Cyber Genie aims to establish the future of the freelance and barter economy.

The team envisions the platform as an innovative framework that gives access to a world of Cyber Genies who can grant users wishes, hence its name. The Cyber Genie aims to grant wishes for the growing web3 user-base by bringing together people with diverse abilities from around the world via a single decentralised app. According to Jalal Jezzini, the CEO and Co-founder, "Bartering has existed for thousands of years. Thanks to the technological revolution that we're experiencing nowadays, we are now capable of building the framework that will systemise the exchange of services & skills. Why not pay for services with your own skills? Money is not the only face of value". He said, "We believe the future belongs to the sharing, freelance & creator economy. A decentralised value-social network where users can exchange & trade services in an individualised & personalised manner is the end-goal."

Who are Cyber Genies?

The Cyber Genie represents a real-value social network that combines social networking and freelancing (imagine tinder and Upwork integrated into one app built on the blockchain and has its own cryptocurrency).

Technology is the magic of the Cyber Genie. The app’s primary features are a matching functionality that automatically connects genies via keywords & algorithms, and three payment or transaction options: paying skills vs skills, using cryptocurrency, or even donation.

The product management team - with their 7+ years of experience in app development for the fintech industry - believes that creating a virtual community where genies are incentivized to help other people - via gamification features - will create an environment that would revolutionise the concept of donation: Why not donate 30 mins of your time & be someone's genie instead of donating money?

The Cyber Genie - Roadmap 2022 & 2023

Before the end of the third quarter of 2022 in October, it is planned to launch a 5K Cyber Genie Avatar collection as digital collectibles for those who believe in the vision that the team is trying to realise - together with the genie community. By the end of 2022 - The Beta version of the app will be released.

For the short term - the team wants to offer a platform which seamlessly & automatically connects genies from all around the globe. Education and knowledge sharing is crucial to get web2 consumers onboarded into web3 & The Cyber Genie is creating the framework
needed to connect people based on needs & skills.

In the long-run, the startup plans to position itself as a decentralised platform which incentivizes bartering and empowers freelancers & creators of the future. According to Forbes, 50% of the working population will be made up of freelancers by 2027 if the freelancing sector expands at its current rate.

For 2023?

Team expansion, global awareness, optimization of the app based on community needs, introduction of the cyber genie token & DAO are all milestones that will help get closer to our vision - the vision to create a skill-based economy where people can fulfil each other’s needs & wishes.

Unique 5K Avatar Collection

Unlike other NFT collections, the Cyber Genie NFT collection is to lay the first brick of creating a community where people can start helping each other. A team of globally known artists handcrafted more than 150 diverse semi-realistic traits. Various RL utilities are being prepared for the first believers in The Cyber Genie’s vision.

The Cyber Genies will have exclusive access to the BETA app, use it for free, get to vote on new features & help execute donation projects internationally. After the optimization of the app - NFT holders will receive better visibility, better ranking and monthly coin airdrops that would enable them to buy real life services for free.

About The Cyber Genie

The Cyber Genie GmbH (i.Gr.) is a fully doxxed company in Munich, Germany. The company believes in effective collaboration as a driver of knowledge sharing and transfer.

Imagine a place where you can directly connect with people tailored to your specific needs. A place where you can access a world of genies that can fulfil whatever need or wish you have.

Are you searching for a genie who can give you some marketing tips? Or solve a challenge you’re having in your project at work? A genie who can even show you step by step how to prepare Hummus in an authentic oriental way? The Cyber Genie is a 5K app-backed NFT collection revolutionising the economy of freelancing and bartering.

Disclaimer : There is no offer to sell, no solicitation of an offer to buy, and no recommendation of any security or any other product or service in this article. This is not investment advice. Please do your own research.

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