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Cyberbank Group Expand New Cloud-Based Digital Asset Solutions

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 15, 2020 / Cyberbank Cloud is a digital assets trading service under the Cyberbank Fintech Group. The startup project provides a stable and secure multidimensional solution for global digital asset trading. Cyberbank is one of Asia's leading digital fintech groups and utilizes strong financing operations to escort digital asset trading services. The group's abundant liquidity reserves and powerful open financial ecosystem makes Cyberbank a core technology for supporting ecosystem development.

Cyberbank Cloud Business Architecture

Cyberbank Cloud is run by an expert team of experienced professionals such as blockchain project managers, investors, and cloud service teams with members hailing from reputable cryptocurrency teams and traditional financial institutes such as China Financial Futures Exchange, Shanghai Futures Exchange, and China Minsheng Bank. Business structure is constructed by integrating traditional financial solutions with requirements in the field of cryptocurrency to provide a digital asset trading cloud service solution that is stable, secure, and low cost.

Trading Cloud Solution Services

System cloud services include spot, contract, options, and OTC trading based on ITIL's ICT Infrastructure Management (ICTIM), referencing the design experiences of first rate international financial exchanges such as NASDAQ and CME to comply with the international standards of 4th generation exchanges.

The high performance matching engine performs at a single-thread of 30,000/second, parallel matching by category with an order response time of less than 100 milliseconds. Solutions can be customized by combination requirements, supports privatization, ECN access, and more with bank-grade system security to achieve compliance-based insurance businesses, digital assets with trust businesses, innovation, and support for internationalization.

Wallet Asset with Trust Solutions

Comprehensive front and back-end systems provide asset storage scenarios for cold and hot wallets; platform assets are managed by the renowned digital asset custody service provider Onchain Custodian.

Onchain Custodian is a company that provides digital asset custody with investments from Sequoia, Fosun, and DHVC; it is a regulated and reliable 3rd party custody service for institutions and investors.

The Wallet as a Service system is established through multiple-signature technology, hardware security module (HSM), and anti-money laundering review technology with digital asset insurance provided to the platform and cryptocurrencies by Lockton and other reputable insurance firms to insure single accounts up to USD 5 million.

Liquid Solutions

The operations and capabilities of a single exchange cannot establish a closed loop of financial capital; the introduction of comprehensive strong liquidity channels achieves sufficient depth to share risk for traders.

CyberBank's joint development model encompasses exchanges, custody providers, quantitative funds, and fund ecosystems to form a multi-fund joint development model. The collaborative fund ecosystem constitutes an "industry alliance chain" that anticipates escorting of trading platforms with maximum liquidity.

SaaS Cloud Service Module

Trading Systems

Spot: Multiple trade to listings, includes current market price, stops for profits and losses, supports leveraged trading;

Futures: Includes 2-way sustainability, margin models, contract delivery;

Options: Utilizes European options;

OTC: Supports fiat currency trading.

Market Center

Comprehensive market data and K line data for multiple periods makes trends readily apparent for determining trading strategy through a wealth of technical indicators.

Settlement System

Match and settle by category; accounts for multiple currencies, transparent and traceable capital flow.

Wallet System

Both hot and cold wallets for storage of account assets;

Hardware security module (HSM) based management of encryption keys provides corporations with protections in trading, identity data, and applications;

Both co-managed custody and full custody services are available;

Two Types of Custodianship

Risk Control System

The real-time multidimensional risk control system is established through accounts, funds, trading, and positions through functions such as: monitoring of currency deposits and withdrawals, alerts for large abnormal funds, automatic forced liquidation, investor protection funds, step margins, and other risk control measures; the system monitors activities such as spoofing, self-dealing, matched orders, overtrading, and other abnormal behavior to prevent price manipulation; clear separation of duties is present in code review and private key management for digital assets with trust.

Market Maker System

Supports multiple currencies, multiple CFDs, and freedom of in-depth customizations for coin trading, contract trading, options trading, and OTC trading. Access markets in dozens of exchanges, freely combine index weights, difficulty in price manipulation; independent accounts and autonomous management improves account clarity; professional strategies, real-time position management and market value management with built-in risk controls makes security manageable; external liquidity and hedging available for selection.

Operations Management System

Traditional exchange operations management methodology with distributed monitoring and real-time support provides a wealth of functionality and excellent scalability. The unified visual interface contains data summaries from Grafana and ELK journals analysis to provide comprehensive God Mode monitoring; types of currency, currency pairs, contract parameter settings, online in 10 minutes, edit parameters at any time;

KYC checks, support for KYC level 2; fund management back end, currency withdrawal checks, audit-free withdrawal for small sums, search wallet serial, bonus reconciliation; search account messages, account funds summary, trading summary, search positions; multiple language packs, modify language parameters in real-time, convenient and agile; feedback page.

Marketing System

Broker system with unlimited invitations and rebates; broker back end offers accurate details on download data; trading competitions encourages trading activity in accounts; support for functions such as shorts, trans-fee mining, and bonus rewards; financial products, support for multiple currency staking.

Cyberbank Cloud Advantage

Actualization of High-Performance Technology

TPS single thread 30000/second, order response time of less than 100 milliseconds, 4th generation exchange standards, years of practical experience in digital asset trading platforms, shared liquidity.

Low Cost and Quick Build Time

Complete building an exchange in 1 day without expensive investments into development. Modular builds, multi-client display, automatic currency listing, trade pairs online in 10 minutes, 24x7 operations management support.

Corporate Grade Digital Asset with Trust

Enjoy corporate grade security with full custody by reputable third party custody service provider. Both hot and cold wallet custody solutions are available and can be used in combination for secure financial management that doesn't require assets to enter exchanges.

Demonstration Model for Digital Asset with Trust

Multidimensional Financial Innovation

Viable trading platform membership solution; attempts in full asset insurance and protection model; compliance to standard auditing practices (MAS standard and CMS license).

Cyberbank's Vision

Cyberbank Cloud is a key component of the Cyberbank Group. Cyberbank Cloud contains the depth and capability to offer consultancy and technology partnerships for developing trading operations, rich site building options, code output, and trading platforms. The service offers base-layer technology structure for trading operations while adding depth to an ecosystem's service capabilities. This is also the development goal of Cyberbank Group.

Cyberbank Group is a global leader in fintech with eyes on the global digital asset trading market. As the first ever joint-building model encompassing digital asset exchanges, custody service suppliers, and fund management, digital asset trading will be utilized as the core to radiate the comprehensive requirements in the field of digital asset trading and move to gradually explore the 13 operations required in markets as an extension of mainstream digital currency exchanges.

In terms of strategic deployment, Cyberbank will take advantage of the portal and connectivity of trading operations in combination with an ecosystem cluster developed from digital assets that achieves "exchange in the front-end, partnership agencies in the middle, and rear fund ecosystem". Cyberbank believes that single businesses have a limited lifespan but an ecosystem cluster is the key to longevity. Additionally, it will act as an effective initiative for traditional businesses and groups to undergo digital transformations and upgrades through exchanges and funds.

Contact information

Contace Person/ Neo Peng



Facebook ID/ @CyberBankExchange

Twitter / https://mobile.twitter.com/Cyberbank_

Instagram/ https://www.instagram.com/cyberbank/

Telegram/ @CyBer_Bank

SOURCE: Cyberbank Group

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