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Cynergy Physical Therapy Announces New Location at Grand Central Station

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jul 1, 2013) - Cynergy Physical Therapy is proud to announce its new location at Grand Central Station.

Derived from the Greek word, synergy, Cynergy takes a holistic and hands-on approach to aid in healing and rehabilitation. The therapists help patients set and meet individual goals and achieve change so they can return to a pain-free and more efficient level of function.

Cynergy's team of therapists aid in all forms of physical therapy and recovery, including pain in the back, neck, knee, ankle and shoulder. They also work with patients suffering from repetitive stress injuries and recovering from major surgeries. In addition, Cynergy is experienced in sports medicine, orthopedic rehab and neurological impairments.

Therapists base their treatment on the latest research and utilize the newest technologies to assist patients in reaching their highest potential.

Headquartered on West 57th Street, Cynergy offers AlterG anti-gravity treadmill rehab, low level light therapy (cold laser), ultrasound, orthotic fittings, gait analysis, injury prevention and most importantly, hands-on, individualized treatment for every patient. The customization creates an environment where getting better is the sole focus for each patient.

Cyngery's new location at Grand Central Station is a high-end facility and is fully equipped to meet all clients' individual needs.