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D.Va hits Heroes of the Storm PTR, ultimate ability is literally Bunny Hop

D.Va will now be taking selfies all over Heroes of the Storm’s PTR (Blizzard)

Blizzard Entertainment has released the hero spotlight for D.Va, the most recent character to make the jump from Overwatch to Heroes of the Storm. The video details all of her abilities, her traits, and some interactions between her skills. Surprise, surprise, it looks a heck of a lot like her Overwatch ability overview.

To go along with the spotlight, D.Va is now available on the public test realm for players to test out.

The HotS iteration of D.Va has all of the same skills as her Overwatch version, from her movement speed-buffing Boosters (Q), damage-soaking Defense Matrix (W), and her iconic Self Destruct (E). Once she Self Destructs or takes enough damage, she pops out of her Mech and has to deal damage with her pistols to get it back.

Just like in Overwatch, D.Va in HotS has two states: In and out of her Mech. While in her Mech, she’s got access to all of the aforementioned abilities, plus something a little different for Heroes of the Storm. Her first Heroic Ability is Bunny Hop, which deals damage and slows enemies around her as she bounces around.

Her second Heroic comes when she’s on foot. On a short cooldown, she can use Big Shot, her HOTS-specific ability which deals damage in a long line and recharges her Mech cooldown at a quick pace.

Check out the full D.Va spotlight here, and make sure to head over to the Yahoo Esports Heros of the Storm hub for more.

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