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D.Va now available in Heroes of the Storm

It’s time for D.Va to blow up the Heroes of the Storm Nexus (Blizzard)

You can now play as D.Va in Heroes of the Storm. While she was recently stomping all over the PTR, the Overwatch hero can now be taken into games on the live server.

As previously revealed, D.Va’s abilities bear a striking resemblance to the ones she has in Overwatch, from her Defense Matrix to her iconic Self-Destruct. She also pops in and out of her Mech, just like she does in Blizzard’s competitive shooter. She does have one new skill, though: The ability to Bunny Hop. This ultimate can only be activated while she’s in her Mech, and does damage to enemies and also slows them by 40 percent.

Like any new character that comes to Heroes of the Storm, you’ll have to wait a bit to get her into the ranked mode, as you’ll need to get her character level to five. Just think of the loot crates you’ll be getting along the way!

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