How The Dacxi Chain And Tokenized Crowdfunding Could Pave The Way To Crypto 4.0

Ever since Bitcoin first burst onto the scene in 2008, the cryptocurrency industry has been through a number of different eras.

First came Crypto 1.0, which, according to Market Insider, was led by Bitcoin and the emergence of payment cryptos. Then came Crypto 2.0; the era of Ethereum, which saw the focus shift to the underlying blockchain technology that powered cryptocurrencies – and saw the genesis of the tokenization revolution.

Crypto 3.0 is the era we find ourselves in now. Led by public blockchain platform, Cardano, Crypto 3.0 is busy building the infrastructure needed for the tokenization revolution – in much the same way that Cisco, Nokia, and Intel built the infrastructure needed to create the internet. This era is seeing Proof of Stake (PoS) protocols used to solve the critical issues of crypto, including the cost of use, scale, and speed. In doing so, the infrastructure needed for the tokenization revolution will be put into place.

Today, the world is becoming increasingly curious about what lies around the corner, with Crypto 4.0.

While Crypto 3.0 focused on creating and perfecting the technology, Crypto 4.0 will focus on harnessing that technology to solve problems. There are many projects and initiatives aiming to be at the forefront of this charge towards Crypto 4.0. Dacxi, a Global Wealth Technology Company founded in 2017, appears to be leading the race, with their global tokenized crowd-funding solution known as the Dacxi Chain.

What is the Dacxi Chain, and what does it bring to the crypto space?

The Dacxi Chain is a crowdfunding tokenization technology, designed to bridge the gap that currently exists in innovation funding. According to Ian Lowe, the CEO of Dacxi, crowdfunding has been around for more than a decade – yet it still has several fundamental flaws that lead to unfulfilled promises. “The global enterprise economy comprises a vast number of investable ideas and entrepreneurs, and a significant majority of them are unattainable to everyday investors,” says Lowe. “The current equity crowdfunding sector is valued at $10 billion. With necessary systems like the Dacxi Chain in place, we believe that the equity crowdfunding sector can hit a $1 trillion valuation in the coming years.”

The Crypto 4.0 era will focus on delivering bespoke, customer-focused solutions for specific use cases, industries, and even countries. This is what the Dacxi Chain is all about. With its purpose-built crowdfunding tokenization technology, the Dacxi Chain is designed to offer solutions specific to known use cases.

Currently under development, and set to be deployed on Dacxi’s global network of Crypto Wealth Platforms, the Dacxi Chain will tap into a global crypto-investor base. It will provide local licensed platforms, token exchanges, and a local team to deliver on consumers’ investments. It will be a safe and secure way for everyday investors to gain seamless access to the world’s strongest hyper-growth investment opportunities.

As Lowe explains, the Dacxi Chain is different to tokenized shares such as Tesla Tokens. Instead, it is an innovative use case for tokenization, and an entirely new regulated global crowdfunding system. The system will encompass deal origination, due diligence, marketing, custody, and liquidity. Once this complex and sophisticated technology goes live, it will help democratize hyper-growth innovation investment – and bring it directly to the hands of everyday people.

About Dacxi; the creators of the Dacxi Chain.

Dacxi, the parent company of the Dacxi Chain, is a global fintech company headquartered in Singapore and with six offices around the world. Founded in 2017, the company is no stranger to the needs of the crypto industry. It is the pioneer behind Crypto Wealth, an exciting emerging sector in the crypto space that focuses on educating and empowering people to invest in cryptocurrency with confidence.

Dacxi has launched numerous products in the crypto industry. The Dacxi Chain is their latest innovation, designed to open up a new world of investment opportunities for everyone, no matter who or where they are.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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