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Dailymotion Announces Winners of $50K Motionmaker Fund, Showcasing Projects at SXSW

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - Mar 10, 2013) - Dailymotion (www.dailymotion.com), the world's #2 video destination and #31 site online as ranked by comScore, Inc., today announced the winners of its first ever Motionmaker Fund competition. The Fund, aimed at developing and funding the creative talent and unique content of its Motionmaker original content creators, will pay out a total of $50,000 spread across 13 winning projects. The winners' previous works will be showcased in the theater at the Dailymotion hideout at The Hideout (617 Congress Ave) at SXSW on Sunday, March 10, 2013 at 5:00 PM CT, and development on their winning ideas will begin immediately.

With project ideas spreading across numerous topics including comedy, music, special effects, documentaries, animation, and more, the complete list of winners is as follows:

  • W?rk NYC
    • Documentary developed by Ani Simon-Kennedy which will showcase the lifestyle and people that make up New York's most fascinating odd jobs.
  • Sell Yourself
    • Comedy series developed by Aaron Kheifets and set in the world of commercial acting, focusing on Justin, a thirty-year-old, jaded actor taking a new actor, Aaron, under his wing.
  • Monster Under My Bed
    • Diorama-style music video for Camille Harris' song "Monster Under My Bed" from her new album, Silly Jazz.
  • Good Cop, Great Cop
    • Multi-topical web series developed by Charlie Hankin and Matt Porter, looking at new fictional characters in new settings every week.
  • Downtown Clown
    • Comedy web series developed by Shawn Wines about Bonkers, a bottomed-out clown living in Los Angeles, who turns to vigilante justice as his only way to engage with the world.
  • Jackie Wang
    • Developed by Tyler Gildin, this will be a hilarious musical tribute to 'happy ending' massage parlors, and the men who frequent them.
  • Insane Fight Video
    • Music video developed by Stephen Reedy in which a stylized fight scene showcases insane punches, kicks, and other attacks timed exactly to music.
  • Hero Sandwich
    • An animated short film developed by Kevin Lin in which a run-of-the mill crime fighting duo must overcome a sudden existential crisis to become A-List heroes.
  • Nitro Warriors 2: Afterburner
    • A stop-motion short film developed by Vanguard Pictures showcasing the epic action and set-pieces that made the first car-chase film so popular.
  • The Morning Announcements
    • Comedy web-series developed by Chess Club Comedy about a fictional high school and their bizarre students and events.
  • Celebrate
    • Docu-series developed by Jeffrey Waldron showcasing a series of standalone short films about human growth and realization in the context of cultural celebrations and festivals.
  • Mad Black Men
    • Short film developed by Xavier Ruffin, and inspired by Mad Men, looking at the 1960's advertising industry from the eyes of three black ad workers reporting to a white creative director.
  • Not Yet a Hero
    • Web series developed by JuBa Films about a nerdy boy named Youngkwang who reveals how dancing can be used as a kind of superpower.

The Motionmaker program, a creative community within Dailymotion, was designed to promote independent filmmakers around the world, and this new fund is the latest step in helping these filmmakers realize their creative dreams. The fund allows them to generate revenue and stream their videos with the benefit of a dedicated channel on Dailymotion, occasional homepage promotion and other support for Dailymotion's editorial team. A jury of independent filmmakers, producers, editors, and Dailymotion staff selected the 12 winners from hundreds of submissions.

"With so many great entries for Dailymotion's first-ever Motionmaker Fund, selecting just 12 winners was a very tough task," said Neil Gladstone, VP of Content for Dailymotion. "We are thrilled to honor the winning productions and feel they perfectly represent the diversity of styles and creative talent that make up our Motionmaker Program."

As part of the fund, Dailymotion will obtain the exclusive rights to showcase the winning content on the web, and will be named as a co-producer for the project. For more information, please visit www.dailymotion.com/us/motionmakerfund.

About Dailymotion:
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