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Dairy Innovation Takes the Stage as JoeFroyo Features Functional, Lactose-Free Beverages at 2019 NGA Show

Functional Cold Brew™ & Clean Label Creamer™ Products Take Dairy to New Heights, Highlighting Probiotics, Protein and Other Nutritional Benefits

UPLAND, Calif., Feb. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- JoeFroyo will be bringing their brand of dairy disruption to the 2019 National Grocers Association (NGA) Show in San Diego, CA, February 24-27, showcasing their innovative lactose-free, probiotic dairy products at Booth 1646 in the Coffee Fest section of the expo. The company currently has two product lines — a Functional Cold Brew™ coffee beverage and a Clean Label Creamer™ probiotic coffee creamer.

In response to the dairy backlash of the past decade, which has seen the proliferation of dairy alternatives attempting to recreate the perfect balance of taste, mouthfeel and essential nutrition that milk provides, JoeFroyo spent three years developing a dairy beverage that brings the natural health benefits of milk to the forefront. Using a proprietary process, JoeFroyo cultures Real California Milk® to unlock live and active cultures, adds lactase to break down the lactose, and produces a naturally sweet, probiotic-packed, lactose-free dairy base that is the perfect addition to coffee. This is the base for all of JoeFroyo's beverages.

"We're really proud of what goes into all of our JoeFroyo products, but what's left out is just as important," says JoeFroyo founder and president, Zach Miller. "JoeFroyo products contain no added sugar, no preservatives, no artificial thickeners or sweeteners, no soy and no gluten."

Functional Cold Brew™ combines caffeine, probiotics and protein, so you can get your lift with a few extra gifts. Each cold-pressure protected 12-ounce serving of JoeFroyo Functional Cold Brew™ contains at least 15 grams of natural protein and six live and active cultures and probiotics, adding valuable health benefits to your daily boost.

"Our Functional Cold Brew™ product is a great on-the-go option," says Miller. "It's full of long-lasting energy, natural health benefits and three satisfying coffee-forward flavors: a mellow Latte, a bold Espresso and a rich Mocha. With our Clean Label Creamer™, we wanted to provide those same functional benefits, whatever coffee you're drinking."

With a focus on simple, clean components, Clean Label Creamer™ features just three ingredients – probiotics, milk and cream – and is packed with seven probiotic cultures. One of the features of the Clean Label Creamer™ that Miller is most excited about is the fact that it is specially formulated to highlight the natural characteristics of your coffee.

Says Miller, "We're big coffee lovers, so we wanted to create a creamer that would add functional benefits, without overwhelming the delicate flavors and natural-tasting notes of whatever brew you choose. We believe when you're drinking coffee, you should taste coffee. This is a creamer that lets your coffee shine."

The past year has been a busy one for the company, launching the Clean Label Creamer™ product, and rolling out both product lines in dozens of locations in California, Nevada and Washington state. The Functional Cold Brew™ product was also featured as one of 12 semi-finalists in BevNET's 2018 New Beverage Showdown, the beverage industry's leading pitch competition, which highlights the most innovative and scalable startup beverage brands.

JoeFroyo will be taking orders for their Functional Cold Brew™ and Clean Label Creamer™ product lines at the NGA Show. Functional Cold Brew™ is available in a bottled, ready-to-drink (RTD) version, as well as bulk options, served either over ice or in a frozen blended dispensed version, all using the same formula. Clean Label Creamer™ is the first of a planned series of creamer products, featuring different functional benefits and delectable flavors to provide enlightened options for lightening your coffee.


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