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Dak Prescott on Dez Bryant: 'We're true friends'

Even though the Dallas Cowboys are eliminated from playoff contention this year, undone by a combination of absent superstars and a fragmenting offensive line, among other woes, they’re still making news. Wednesday, Dez Bryant said he wouldn’t take a pay cut despite totaling only 815 yards and six touchdowns in 15 games this season. And now, Dak Prescott is chiming in, proclaiming that all is right in Cowboys world, at least between him and Dez.

“Me and Dez are great,” Prescott said Thursday morning. “Frustration on the field, off the field, it’s not going to matter. We’re true friends. Whether we do hit a bad spot or not, we’re good enough friends we’ll be able to get around it. He’s got all my respect on and off the field.”

Whether because of declining skills or because of a need to have a perfectly placed ball, Bryant has seen his numbers drop over the last few years. But he’s still only 29, and that means there’s plenty of future ahead for him, either in Big D or elsewhere. Prescott, for his part, is saying all the right things.

“To me, Dez Bryant is a Dallas Cowboy,” Prescott said,  “and should always be a Dallas Cowboy.”

Prescott is the Cowboys’ centerpiece, and will remain so for the foreseeable future, even if Dallas must exhibit a little patience with him. As for Bryant, as our Charles Robinson notes, regardless of 88’s claims, the Cowboys need to either renegotiate his contract or cut him loose. Declining production and a potential mismatch with Prescott’s skills mean Bryant isn’t quite as valuable to this team as he has been in the past.

Regardless of which way the Cowboys turn this offseason, they’ll be making news. Which is just about par for the course from America’s Team.

Dez n’ Dak are pals. (Getty)

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