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Danish Firm CCEDK Set to Revolutionize Cryptocurrency Industry

BLOKHUS, DENMARK / ACCESSWIRE / June 16, 2015 / CCEDK.com, a leading Danish cryptocurrency exchange, has just demolished the final barriers to mainstream acceptance of crypto currencies. "We have combined the strengths of digital currencies pioneered by Bitcoin with the universal acceptance of major credit cards," said Co-Founder & CEO Ronny Boesing. "In the process we have eliminated most of the biggest drawbacks of the two systems. This summer, consumers really can have it all!"

Quickly warming to his topic, Boesing went on to say, "We are now able to offer our customers a single, seamless, integrated solution combining Internet money, peer-to-peer payment, and instant international money transfers. Someone on the far side of the planet can wire digital currencies to your debit card in the time it takes to swipe that card at your local merchant."

"It's like having your savings, checking, and trading accounts in the palm of your hand, accessible from anywhere in the world – at the speed of light – with dramatically lower fees than banks and exchanges have ever been able to offer."

CCEDK.com has become the first exchange in the world to make its books completely transparent – using the same public ledger philosophy that made Bitcoin so successful.

"You don't have to worry about our exchange being hacked or whether it is honest or solvent. Everything about our new accounts will be an open book and you control the keys to your own funds, even while they are on our exchange," according to Mr. Boesing.

This is game changing. Boesing checked off the notoriously hard problems it solves. It took all ten fingers.

Speed: Wiring money takes many days in the current banking system. We let you send it anywhere in the world in one second.

Trust: Your money goes directly from you to its destination, no middlemen ever get control of your money. That includes us.

Flexibility: You can store your money in any mix of the top national and digital currencies. And you can change that mix in one second, as often as you like.

Acceptance: You can spend your money instantly, anywhere major debit cards are accepted. We handle the conversions for you.

Security: No one can freeze, seize, hack or attack your wealth. You are always in control and your identity can never be stolen.

Privacy: Only those you authorize can see your accounts. We make our ledgers public for transparency, but you can keep yours private.

Yield: You can earn better yields with less risk than any place else in the world.

Stability: We offer stabilized second-generation digital assetss that have much lower volatility than first generation offerings like Bitcoin. Our SmartCoins can track the value of USD, EUR, CNY, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin and a growing number of other currencies and commodities.

Smart Contracts: You can program financial transactions to happen automatically when agreed upon conditions are met. No need to trust anyone, because our system enforces the agreement for both sides. Program recurring payments or even key parts of your own estate's will.

Multi-Signature Accounts: Share control over accounts with friends, family, and business associates in a completely accountable way.

Nobody has ever been able to combine all these features in one place until now. Folks used to have to trade the problems of today's highly centralized financial system for the problems of the digital currency world. Not any more. CCEDK has combined the advantages and eliminated the disadvantages of both systems.

How did CCEDK score this first-of-a-kind coup? "Strategic teaming," beamed Boesing, "Two of the most innovative partners in the industry have joined us to achieve what none of us could have done separately."

"We start with our own EU-based international exchange in Denmark, which went live more than a year ago. CCEDK.com offers buy and sell options for digital currencies in a secure environment on the base of two-factor authentication (2FA) with 24/7 worldwide customer support. We span three continents and 17 languages so far. We offer anonymous trading of some 85+ crypto pairs based on BitUSD, Bitcoin, Litecoin, BitShares, NuBits, NuShares, Dogecoin, Darkcoin, Nextcoin and Fimkrypto as well as a 50+ Fiat pairs with validation."

"Next, CCEDK joined forces with licensed Forex participant Bit-x.com to offer the NanoCard. This is a partnership with no limitations, and as a result we are really proud after only one year in the industry to have the opportunity to offer an impressive project like this, the crypto currency community's perhaps first true crypto debit card 2.0 provided by NanoCard and banking partners," grinned Boesing. It will be accepted everywhere – no need to convince merchants to use your favorite cryptocurrency.

Now, Cryptonomex.com has joined the team. They are the developers behind the leading second-generation family of cryptocurrency products known as BitShares. "This relationship provides us with deeply integrated access to the BitShares 2.0 network allowing industrial grade digital currency transactions several thousand times faster than Bitcoin," said Boesing. "Using the BitShares platform also gives CCEDK the ability to share its order books and services with future partner exchanges and digital asset providers to achieve deeper markets, tighter price spreads, and a growing suite of innovative products and services."

In this rapidly evolving industry, success is all about network effect. By placing their ledgers on the open BitShares network, CCEDK has positioned itself for rapid growth toward leading the most lucrative and trusted network of exchanges on the planet. "Exchanges with closed order books are going the way of the dinosaur," opined Boesing. "Next year, if an exchange is not on an incorruptible, transparent, decentralized, open public ledger like ours, it might not even be in this business."


Contact CCEDK | Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark Aps:

Ronny Boesing
Tyttebærvej 6, Hune, DK-9492 Blokhus Denmark