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Darrell Wallace Jr. says he's no longer a part of Denny Hamlin's golf, basketball leagues

NASCAR driver Darrell Wallace Jr. speaks with a reporter before making a practice run for Sunday’s NASCAR auto race Friday, Feb. 23, 2018, at Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton, Ga. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Go figure that the first feud of the 2018 Cup Series season would be centered around Adderall.

Darrell Wallace said Friday at Atlanta that he’s no longer involved in Denny Hamlin’s basketball and golf leagues following their confrontation Sunday night after the Daytona 500. Wallace and Hamlin made contact while racing for second on the final lap and then Wallace said after the race that Hamlin needed to take an Adderall.

Earlier in the week, Hamlin had joked on a podcast that 70 percent of NASCAR drivers took the attention-deficit disorder drug.

“I have been told the golf league was out,” Wallace said. “I removed myself from the basketball league just after the conversation we had that day. I was like ‘whatever I guess I’m not coming back’.”

Wallace said he found out indirectly about the golf league “through like five or six people.”

“That is classy I guess,” he said.

Hamlin organizes golf outings for drivers and others in the Cup Series and has a recreational basketball league he hosts on the court at his house.

Wallace slammed into Hamlin as the two were racing to the finish line as he tried to slow Hamlin’s car down. The contact cut Hamlin’s tire and Hamlin’s car then slammed Wallace’s into the wall after they crossed the line (with Wallace in second). Wallace was unhappy about the contact past the line in his post-race television interview and quipped that Hamlin may need to take an Adderall.

Hamlin was informed of Wallace’s comments while in the media center and confronted Wallace as the two crossed paths outside of it.

Hamlin tweeted during the week that he talked to Wallace because of the personal nature of the comments.

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