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Daryl Alison Comments on the "Classic Cars" of Tomorrow

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Mar 18, 2013) - As a restoration artist who refines and perfects classic cars and recreational vehicles, Daryl Alison understands how valuable certain automobile models can be in today's market. He notes that the rarer the model and the better condition it is in, the more valuable a classic car is to collectors and investors looking to make a profit. While Alison remains focused on classic cars to accrue contributions for nonprofits and to rent vehicles out to film and television studios, he believes that this is a niche industry that can prove very lucrative to dedicated individuals.

Many hobbyists remain focused on today's classic cars, but a recent article from The Houston Chronicle suggests which models may become valuable assets to collectors and restorative artists in the near future. The list was developed by Hagerty Insurance who revealed 10 cars that "they believe could grow in value over time." In addition, the article states, "The company, which insures high-dollar classic cars, looked for timeless features when picking future classic cars. This list has won the attention of Daryl Alison, who weighs in on some of the models that have gained recognition from Hagerty Insurance."

While Daryl Alison notes that he agrees with some models that made the Hagerty List, he expresses doubts on a few, as there are just too many factors to consider when estimating the future value of a car -- some of which he notes were overlooked when the list was developed. For instance, Alison states, "The Audi RS5 is a beautiful car with great road manners, but I can't see it being all that unique to qualify. Meanwhile, the Ford Focus ST carries a 'been there, done that' quality -- looking back at the early SVO Mustang and SHO Taurus, they still haven't fared all that well, so I wouldn't put too much faith in it becoming a classic either."

According to Alison, some may prove classic in terms of historical value, specifically the Tesla Model S; however, he notes that these types of vehicles will only continue to improve with modifications that will not make them all that valuable in terms of becoming a "classic." However, there were a few that did impress Daryl Alison, as he believes they satisfy all criteria of production numbers, performance and style that determine what defines a classic car. "The Viper, Corvette, Camaro, Cayman S and Mini JC Works GP will for sure prove contenders as 'classic,' mostly due in part to their limited production numbers, heritage and power to weight ratio. Not to mention, they look fantastic!" Daryl Alison concludes.


Daryl Alison began his business 15 years ago as a fundraising model for his local MADD chapter. Since its establishment the organization has grown into various fundraising avenues. With a passion for managing car donations for nonprofit fundraising efforts, Daryl Alison has effectively led his current fundraising business -- Just Donated, Inc. While focusing on delivering contributions to a wide variety of clients -- including a PBS affiliate in Southern California -- Alison remains dedicated to providing the highest level of customer care. In his personal endeavors, Daryl Alison enjoys restoring classic cars and RVs -- an effort that has allowed him to build a collection of more than 40 vehicles which he currently rents out to film and television studios.