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David Cross: Arrested Development on Netflix is going to redefine what TV can be

Janko Roettgers

The fourth season of Arrested Development, which is coming exclusively to Netflix in May, won’t disappoint fans, said actor David Cross in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Thursday. If anything, producing the show for Netflix, which is going to release the entire season at once to facilitate binge viewing, helped show creator Mitch Hurwitz to push the creative envelope, he argued:

“What Mitch did and how he’s able to tell the story through the Netflix model — I think it’s going to redefine what television can be and stories can be and how they’re presented.”

Cross added that the result will be “historical,” and that it will be remembered for decades.

That sentiment was echoed by Hurwitz himself when he talked about working with Netflix at the Dive Into Media conference earlier this month. Being able to ignore ratings and build story lines that strech across a number of episodes will make for more interesting TV, Hurwitz argued: “We are encouraged to make a more interesting show as opposed to flattening it out.”

Image courtesy of Flickr user mecredis.

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