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David Harbour will officiate a wedding, thanks to Twitter

Heather Gardner
Video Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Back in October, California high school student Darmaris Fregoso reached out to Stranger Things star David Harbour as a joke. She asked via Twitter, “How many retweets for you to take my senior photos with me?”

Much to Fregoso’s surprise, Harbour responded! He set a challenge of 25K — and demanded that he hold a trombone. If she reached the goal, the actor would pose for the photo. Challenge complete!

The results of the viral tweet were so awesome that other fans have started tweeting their requests to Harbour. If their thought was, “This guy will do anything for retweets,” they’re correct. Twitter user Ericka Elizabeth proved that theory right.

Harbour replied with a lofty goal of 125K retweets, and again some demands. The actor agreed to officiate the wedding if, and only if, the wedding does not coincide with the Season 3 shoot schedule of Stranger Things, he gets to read an “esteemed love letter” of his choosing, and he gets the first piece of cake!

Well, folks, the internet did not let us down. In less than 24 hours, the 125K retweet challenge was complete, and Harbour is getting ordained.

Probably smart on his part to make these challenges a little more, um, challenging. The guy can’t just be running around granting Twitter requests, right? Still, we’re dying to know what’s next.

David Harbour, the Twitter genie, is pretty awesome, but the internet also blew up with responses for Winnie the Pooh Day. Jan. 18 is the birthday of the popular children’s book creator and author, A. A. Milne. Fans of Winnie loved celebrating their beloved characters.

Well, not everyone was impressed.

Luckily, most of the internet happily celebrated Winnie.

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