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David Nikzad Sets Up Psychedelic Medicine Launch Through Ei.Ventures

David Nikzad
·3 min read

Honolulu, Hawaii, Feb. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Emotional Intelligence Ventures (Ei.Ventures) CEO David Nikzad recently revealed specific plans for launching several psychedelic medicine options to the masses when relegations allow. Working on these alternative solutions to mental and medical issues people go through has involved a team of individuals with a passion for change.

Preparation leading up to the eventual release continues to stir up buzz as new information comes out on psychedelic medication in general. Nikzad believes that his company’s offerings will lead the charge in countries and states once legal.

Why Nikzad believe the future is psychedelic medicine

Many people know very little about psychedelic medicine at this point. It makes sense since there are still many regulation hurdles that this industry must get through. Once countries and states start to open up opportunities for consumers to purchase psychedelic medicine, the benefits can help organic growth.

Nikzad, an entrepreneur who has had a hand in several different projects during his life, first came across psychedelic medicine himself in Hawaii. He quickly noticed the benefits that certain medications can provide, and he figured out a blueprint to start a business in the industry.

Growth potential in the psychedelic medicine industry comes down to treating multiple issues with different formulas. Whether it is a full medical issue, mental health, or any other problems people face every day, having a new option to turn to might be exactly what people need.

Where regulation stands currently

The big push in the United States has everyone focused on the Pacific Northwest. Specifically, Oregon appears on the verge of being the first state to loosen regulation standards and allow for the legal selling of psychedelic medicine. This is a huge breakthrough for the industry, and many other states will be looking at how things go to make decisions down the road.

Nikzad strongly believes that the industry is heading in the right direction and doing all the necessary things to make sure that regulation comes sooner rather than later. He believes that changing the perception of psychedelic medicine is huge in making an impact. Once the floodgates open a bit, other areas will accept them.

Proof in the results

Nikzad’s connection to psychedelic medication stems not only from his experiences in Hawaii but also from witnessing how others feel. He witnessed firsthand the effects that certain natural solutions can provide, which motivated him to further his research and begin taking steps to invest in startup opportunities.

Every person reacts differently, but natural ingredients nearly eliminate all negative side effects. This includes any person afraid of using psychedelic medicine due to the different “out of this world” effects often associated with them. The medical side of these options provides all the health benefits, without that crazy feeling.

Many, including Nikzad, know that the key to a successful launch involves overcoming any and all misconceptions of this type of medication. With the aid of real-life results from people living in areas with relaxed regulations, growth will speed up over time. With every new industry comes risk, but Nikzad feels strongly that the results will ultimately dictate rapid growth.

More on David Nikzad

As an effective CEO and adventure capitalist throughout the years, David Nikzad has always looked for new opportunities that make sense. Most of the time, it comes down to serving a specific need and eventually building those ideas out.

Nikzad believes strongly that every quality venture capitalist takes that extra bit of time before making decisions on new opportunities. He believes that the amount of due diligence he puts into everything is why his investment success rate has stayed solid throughout the years.

CONTACT: david@orthogonalthinker.com