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Davra Networks Announces That ConnecThing.io Applications Enablement Platform is Now Available on AWS Marketplace as a SaaS Contracts Listing

ConnecThing.io IOT AEP Now Available through AWS SaaS Contracts. (Graphic: Business Wire) Multimedia Gallery URL


Davra Networks, an IoT platform and application provider, today announced the availability of its ConnecThing.io IoT Applications Enablement Platform (AEP) on AWS Marketplace as a SaaS Contracts listing. SaaS Contracts enables buyers to purchase monthly, yearly, or multi-year subscriptions of third party software with automatic renewal through their Amazon Web Services (AWS) account.

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Davra Networks’ ConnecThing.io IoT AEP availability on AWS Marketplace offers customers the ability to select the right tools and subscription plan for their IoT use case. Due to its broad interoperability and inherent flexibility, ConnecThing.io enables the creation of IoT services across a wide range of enterprises, industries, and use cases, including connected fleets, Smart Cities, Smart Buildings and Smart Agricultures.

Davra Networks’ ConnecThing.io IoT AEP provides real-time visibility, monitoring and analytics of connected and remote assets, in a clear and usable format.

“There is strong interest from enterprises looking to capture information and insights from the growing number of devices and ‘things’ on the network,” said Paul Glynn, CEO, Davra Networks. “We are proud to offer ConnecThing.io to AWS customers, providing them with flexibility and relative ease in developing and deploying IoT platforms and analytics applications on the AWS Cloud.”

“Davra Networks’ ConnecThing.io IoT AEP is an IoT platform solution that customers can use to develop IoT applications that manage connected assets in a visually intuitive way,” said Barry Russell, GM, Global Business Development, AWS Marketplace and Catalog Services, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “In addition to simplified procurement and billing, customers can now get discounted rates on multi-year contracts for ConnecThing.io AEP through AWS Marketplace.”

About Davra Networks:

Davra Networks is a provider of cloud-based software that allows System Integrators & Network VARs to build managed network and data services in the area of ‘The Internet of Things’. This emerging industry is expected to add over 50 Billion new Internet connected devices by 2020 and is generally expected to be a service driven marketplace. For more information on Davra Networks, visit http://www.davranetworks.com/ or www.connecthing.io

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