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DBMM Continues to Grow its Client Base as Digital Landscape Evolves

New York, NY, Los Angeles, CA and London, UK (ACCESSWIRE - 9/19/2013 7:00:00 AM) - Digital Brand Media & Marketing Group, Inc. (DBMM) today updated its shareholders on the recent US business development following last month's Letter of Intent with VMS Holdings headquartered in Santa Monica, California.

Reggie James, Co-Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice-President, Marketing and Communications said, "We continue to grow our business in the Digital Marketing space by leveraging our teams' expertise in Social Media, Design and Analytics. It is increasingly obvious that prospective clients seek technical marketing advisors with commercial acumen to represent their digital footprint by capturing the unique characteristics of their business. The resultant brand development is translated to increased traffic and revenues. Digital Clarity continues to demonstrate its ability to differentiate itself in a very competitive business environment." James continued: "The Social Media landscape continues to mature and Digital Clarity is increasingly recognized as a major player in this arena in step with the growth in programmatic advertising exchanges that are using Real-Time Bidding (RTB) to optimize display advertising."

James added, "The Company is executing its ambitious Business Plan and recent work with my colleague Steve Baughman, Co-Chief Operating Officer and Head, US Operations, most recently culminated in a project for a division of the University of California Los Angeles to design and execute a new website which went live last week. An interactive faculty site which could be updated and refreshed as needed was achieved by the Digital Clarity team and the client, through Steve Shoptow, PhD and Executive Director at the Center for Behavioral & Addition Medicine UCLA Department of Family Medicine, provided the comments below:"

"Digital Clarity was instrumental in bringing to fruition our strategic branding and marketing objectives. They designed a website for us that is clean, organized and interactive, giving our Center greater visibility and extending our reach."

A further update to finalize the Letter of Intent with VMS Holdings, Inc. will follow shortly.

About Digital Brand Media & Marketing Group, Inc.

DBMM Group crafts, designs and executes digital marketing strategies across multiple as platforms and social media networks for a broad array of clients to help each of them establish a uniform brand identity across the digital universe. The product offering is a unique value proposition of intelligent analytics provided by an experienced digital marketing and technology team. DBMM is an OTCQB Company, Symbol OTCQB:DBMM.

About VMS Holdings, Inc. (VMS)

VMS Holdings, Inc. develops a mobile application for sharing videos. Its mobile application allows companies and users to send and receive video content to and from a mobile phone; subscribe for a favorite celebrity, actor, TV-channel, or team and get video updates; and create your own channel and become a broadcaster, as well as serves as a tool for mobile marketing and sales. The company's mobile application is available for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and Symbian devices. It distributes its mobile application through distributors, and mobile device and application stores in Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, and South Africa. It serves mobile operators and media companies, government organizations and law enforcement agencies, premium content providers and retailers, sports clubs, and celebrities worldwide.

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