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Deal Seeker: Exclusive Deals on Accessories for Tablet Addicts

Yahoo Tech

By Christina Tynan-Wood

It’s a modern dilemma. You’re sitting in a room with your spouse, kids, and friends, but they’re all looking down at their tablets. 

What to do? Worry about it? Intervene? Spy on them? Or just be grateful that you know what they like when it comes time to buy them a gift?

For now, let’s go with the last option. In this week’s Deal Seeker I’ve rounded up some great accessories that will make that tablet – or smartphone – even more fun to play with. Deal with their technology addiction another time. Today, you can give them something that says, “I love you, tablet obsession and all.”


Toss it in the water, bring it into the outdoor shower, or leave it on the deck: this little speaker is completely waterproof, shockproof, and packably small so you can take it camping, swimming, or boating. Better still? It’s a perfect excuse to get the tablet or phone out without going antisocial: Sync it and play those tunes for everyone. I got you an exclusive deal on this: Go to Exoxgear.com and use the code YAHOO25 to get 25% off, starting today until next Friday (the 19th.)

Jot Script 2 – Evernote Edition

Inveterate note taker? Torn between the tactile experience of writing on paper and the save-it-forever, find-it-anytime experience of Evernote? Enter The Jot Script 2 – Evernote Edition. It writes like a precision pen on the screen of an iPad but sync it with the some of the best note taking apps – Penultimate, GoodNotes, and NoteShelf – to open slick features like “palm rejection.” It comes with six months of Evernote Premium for an awesome note taking upgrade. And I got you a sweet deal: 20 percent off at Adonit.net, plus free shipping on purchases of $60 or more. Use the promo code: DADSAPRO.

MyCharge Hub

Some of us worry about world peace. Tablet addicts worry about a dead battery. The solution? A portable charger. Hey, I do worry about world peace but I still have dozens of these squirreled in every bag and glovebox. So I got you a great deal on the MyCharge Hub 3000. It has built in cables and plugs for Lightning and micro-USB so as long as this is handy and charged, the Webernets will not go dim. Use the discount code “dadpower” for 30 percent off.

Pencil by FiftyThree

Turn that iPad into the best sketch pad ever with the Pencil stylus. Download the Paper app that works with it and have a blast playing with this art kit in a rechargeable stick: angle the Pencil to control line thickness and shading, choose brushes and mix colors on a palette, and flip it over to use the eraser to smudge or erase. All models of Pencil (Graphite, Walnut and Gold) are currently up to 20% off in the FiftyThree online store, and Amazon now through June 21st. 

Wacom Bamboo Stylus Fineline

Who says handwriting is a dying art? Hand this Bluetooth stylus to your lucky iPad-toting recipient and watch her rediscover the joy of jotting down ideas, doodling, keeping a notebook handy for phone numbers, or sketching out her next world-domination scheme in graphic cartoons. The Bamboo Fineline is ten percent off at Target.com or in Target stores starting today. 

Lethal Protection All in One Positioning Device

Lethal Protection All in One Positioning Device looks like a robot arachnid has invaded from some steampunk vision of the future and is eating your tablet, but it’s actually a very cool way to go hands-free and still be able to see the thing while you cook – or whatever. And it’s on sale at Walmart.com for $33, down from $55.