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Dealio Reimagines the Online Poker Experience

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Dealio Webcam Poker will revolutionize online poker with an innovative platform that features live dealers and player webcams. The Dealio poker experience is real live poker, online.

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / May 5, 2021 / From the home of Texas Hold'em comes Dealio Webcam Poker, a unique online poker experience featuring webcams and live dealers ("Dealios") to provide an authentic and trustworthy live poker experience unlike any previous online poker site.

"Poker is as much a psychological game as it is a mathematical one," said Poker Hall of Fame member Barry Greenstein. "You need to be able to see how your opponent reacts to your bet to know what they are thinking about." Greenstein, who was a Senior Software Engineer and early employee of Symantec in the 1980s, serves as a senior software and poker advisor to Dealio.

Dealio is a product of Dialectic Applications, Inc., a software development company founded in 2020 by Donald Puckett, a Dallas intellectual property attorney and long-time recreational poker player. When the global pandemic forced poker rooms to close, Puckett started playing in webcam poker home games with friends. He loved the webcam poker experience and the way it allowed his geographically dispersed friends to stay connected during the pandemic; but he also saw many challenges for any webcam poker site that allows strangers to play against each other in real-money poker games.

To address this issue, the Dealio Webcam Poker platform features a live dealer (or "Dealio") who has in-game controls that allow for moderation of the game and enforcement of rules. Like live poker, the Dealio webcam house rules make verbal actions binding and prohibit inappropriate table-talk about the game. Players also are required to be present and visible via webcam during a poker hand.

"Live dealers keep the game fun and fair, just like at a real table in a poker room, making calls where needed, enforcing the rules, and keeping the action moving," said Clonie Gowen, a retired poker pro and member of the Dealio software development team.

"I'm excited about Dealio because I can see that success in this poker game requires skill at reading facial expressions and watching your opponent's every movement - the same skills required to be a winning live poker player," said Ken Lambert, Jr. the former Tournament Director of the World Series of Poker and a Dealio Poker Ambassador.

The patent-pending Dealio Webcam Poker platform will also feature blockchain smart contracts so that players will not be required to cash-in or cash-out through the poker site to play. Players can verifiably trust that their poker balances are securely held because they will always be visible on a public blockchain.

Dealio will launch an Early Access open beta program in the summer of 2021. During this time, Dealio will begin to distribute its proprietary HOLDEMTM tokens to reward early users for putting in the work to help Dealio fine-tune the platform.

One of Dealio's primary goals is to provide online poker that players can trust in an era where online poker is often plagued with AI-bots and real-time assistance tools that cause players to question who they are really playing against. "You don't vouch for a person's integrity unless you feel you know them," Greenstein said. "Online, how do you know if this game is fair? Avatars cause distrust. Face to face is more important than people realize."

Dealio has assembled an impressive ambassador team that includes Barry Greenstein, Clonie Gowen, and Ken Lambert, Jr. along with Justin Hammer (a noted poker tournament director), Nathan Gamble (2-time WSOP bracelet winner), Shannon Elizabeth (actress and poker celebrity), and Jacob Zalewski (poker celebrity). Dealio plans to show off its platform in May with a charity tournament featuring its ambassador team.

Interested parties can sign up via email at dealiopoker.com for special inside access as Dealio announces upcoming tournaments, broadcasts, its Early Access games, and other special surprises.

About Dealio Webcam Poker
Dealio aims to provide an authentic and trustworthy live poker experience to players online. Dealio's unique fusion of technology and gameplay will revolutionize the online poker experience. Dealio Webcam Poker features live dealers and webcams to ensure a fair and fun poker experience. By using blockchain technology, Dealio's platform eliminates cash-in / cash-out requirements and awards unique NFT and token prizes and items to players. Dealio Poker Enterprises, Inc. is a subsidiary of Dialectic Applications, Inc.

About Dialectic Applications
Dialectic Applications creates collaborative apps, tools, games and experiences that connect people, bring them closer together, and collectively empower them. This includes development of blockchain tools, games, NFTs, and legal compliance solutions. Dating back to ancient Greek philosophy, the dialectic method embraces the nuance embedded in contradiction. A dialectic process reveals higher truth by allowing a thesis to clash with its antithesis, until the conflicts are resolved in a state of synthesis. Achieving technical consensus through synthesis, we are Dialectic Applications.

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