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About the death of Putin and his entire system

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

Mysterious are the ways of God. And so is the logic of world history. Ukraine tried to join NATO through the front entrance, clad in beautiful, ironed uniforms of our soldiers.

We were not allowed in through the front door. However, we have become a country using various types of weapons of NATO states, principles of troop management, intelligence, the tactics of destroying the enemy army, including precise strikes on enemy centers and being not fixated on massive assaults (a la Stalin's Marshal Zhukov) and huge losses associated with them.

The Soviet-Russian command always incurred losses, knowing that Russian women would still give birth to more cannon fodder.

Perhaps Ukraine now has the most NATO-style army of all.

Our communications infrastructure turned out to be quite stable. It allowed ordinary citizens to use mobile communication and mobile Internet (even in combat zones) to help our dear army destroy enemy targets: large, armored columns to Russian troops’ control points, EW stations, and air defense systems like S-300. Our people, ordinary civilians, Googled a bit to learn how to identify priority targets to be destroyed first.

Yesterday's IT specialists learned to throw regular fragmentation grenades directly into the hatches of enemy tanks so well we should clap our hands. Ukrainian special op forces and partisans operate fearlessly and successfully in the temporarily occupied territories, cutting the traitors’ throats who defected to the enemy and raising "cotton" over enemy military bases. Meanwhile, volunteers have already put into operation the first high-resolution satellite "seeing" the enemy through clouds and smoke-shrouded areas where the enemy troops have been trying to hide from the precise strikes of Ukrainian artillerists.

What is Putin's mistake? Ukraine cannot be compared to Russia, which ultimately succumbed to him and prostrated herself under a system created by former KGB officers turned FSB officers, or to other countries. Putin's system succeeded not only in subjugating the 140 million Russian people. The management system restored since Stalin's time managed to reprogram the Russian population by turning them into accomplices in a war crime supporting Russia's war terror.

Overall, everything is clear with Russia: it will end up in the landfill of history.

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Ukraine also cannot be compared to Afghanistan, which probably inspired Putin to start a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The Russian dictator had pictured a similar scenario of blitzkrieg, panic, evacuation, the capture of authorities, and loyalty of ordinary Ukrainians, who, in Putin's "system of axes," were supposed to feed his army without adding poison to the pies or kicking the invaders out of our land, like cockroaches.

The Russians who wrote to us asking if we were ready to flee by clinging to the chassis of transport planes (obviously alluding to the Afghan scenario) did not know a thing about Ukraine. They could not even imagine the powerful resistance Ukrainians were capable of.

The failure of his analytical services and intelligence, and the idea of his own omnipotence and immortality, will turn out to be catastrophic for Putin. And also for his country, which he confidently leads into a bottomless abyss, they’ll never crawl out of. Overall, everything is clear with Russia: it will end up in the landfill of history.

And what about Ukraine? You may say I've painted too rosy a picture. Unfortunately, you’re partially correct. Putin has hurt Ukraine too much. We will learn about the number of killed Ukrainians after the war.

I think we will shudder when we understand and realize the extent of our losses. The battle is not over yet. Millions of people left the country. Another part was deported to Russia, often forcibly. Russian commanders keep ordering their world's longest army to literally bite off Ukrainian land meter by meter, destroying our cities and infrastructure. The Ukrainian agricultural sector has been dealt a significant blow.

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The enemy even burns grain fields, aiming at elevators and logistics centers. And in winter, we will have to fight against the cold. I hope our partners will help, but their help, I think, will be disproportionate to the damage done. The question of using Russian assets frozen in the West for restoring Ukraine will still be discussed many times over to reach important decisions. This all takes time we don't have.

The price of Ukraine's victory is already enormous. And so are geopolitical changes that will necessarily occur in connection with the victory. We are deterring an anti-human regime threatening not only Ukraine. Right, we tried to enter the world security system with a parade march clad in gorgeous uniforms of the Ukrainian army, whose units had marched in the Independence Day parade, making millions of Ukrainians proud.

But we will put our ceremonial uniforms aside until better times. Ukrainians will enter the collective security system with faces sooted with fires and eyes red from smoke and tears, in overalls covered in diesel fuel, engine oil, and our fellow brothers’ blood.

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With flags pierced and shredded by enemy bullets. On board a "motley assortment" of equipment: the Soviet-era BMP-1 fitting for the museum, the German Panzerhaubitze, the French Caesar, the Polish Krab, the American M777, you name it.

But we will change this world by bringing down yet another evil empire ending with the triumph of the principles and values called universal and different from the cannibalistic instincts of the Putin regime.

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