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Debra Messing Reportedly Has an Insane Number of Allergies

Everyone knows Debra Messing from the hit show Will & Grace, which is making a comeback on TV this fall. But not many people know that she apparently suffers from severe allergies.

Messing recently had an event in New York and according to Page Six, she sent the restaurant a list of items she’s allergic to.

The lengthy list includes all white fish, chicken or any game meat, gluten, dairy, butter, yogurt, cheese or milk (except coconut milk), beans, mushrooms, broccoli, and cauliflower. In addition to her food allergies, the actress is also allergic to wool, cashmere, down feathers, flowers (except orchids), and cats.

Thank goodness the restaurant managed to throw an allergy-free event that night. Messing has previously talked about her condition.

She spoke to Dr. Oz’s magazine and recalled a traumatic experience years ago. She said: “I did the movie ‘The Wedding Date’ in the English countryside with all kinds of flowers, and I had an allergy attack. My throat closed, I turned red, and we had to shut down production for a couple of hours.”

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