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DeCoin: Profit-Sharing Cryptocurrency Invites Media to a Press Conference Toward Its Launch

SOFIA, Bulgaria, March 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

DeCoin, a new cryptocurrency will be introduced to the fast-growing world of cryptocurrencies. Decoin is decentralized, profit-sharing, and customer service oriented, and will be making inroads in the digital currency marketplace in 2018. 

In May 2018, a new cryptocurrency called "DeCoin" will be launched. "The Coin of the People" will focus on profit sharing, customer care, and education. Utilizing decentralized blockchain-based technology, the stated goals of Decoin are:

1) Global reach to people who might not have experience or knowledge of cryptocurrency

2) A loyalty reward program with a guaranteed 6.2% average annual increase for coin holders if they use the DeCoin wallet.

3) Every person is a potential user of DeCoin and educating its user base is a core value for the DeCoin team.

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Press Conference Registration 

In relation with the upcoming launch, the team behind DeCoin has prepared an online press conference that will further explain the technology and idea behind the new coin and what exactly differentiates it from the rest of the cryotocurrencies.

Journalists, bloggers, media representatives and cryptocurrency enthusiasts are all invited to the press conference, which will take place on March 29th in an online environment. They are encouraged to actively participate, ask questions, and do a follow-up for their respective media news outlets.

To participate in the event and receive the link where the press conference will be streamed, journalists are invited to register on the following link:


What are the basic characteristics of DeCoin? 

DeCoin is a decentralized "profit sharing exchange" cryptocurrency. Regardless of the market conditions, users can get a 6.2% interest rate annually based on the usage of the DeCoin wallet and the total number of coins that are in it.

DeCoin uses a Proof of Stake (POS) consensus algorithm. It requires clients to show ownership of a certain number of crypto units. The benefit of this is improved security, less energy used, and no need for dedicated hardware. Moreover, only 3% of customer funds are available online and are insured. The other 97% are stored offline.

"Our platform will be completely regulated, fully secure and transparent," says Shay Perry - CEO of DeCoin.

To find out more about DeCoin, go to http://www.decoin.io or email the support team at support@decoin.io.

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