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Deep Longevity Adds Three Medical Organizations To Its Growing Longevity Network: Healthy Hire Healthy Retire, International Medical Clinics and Peak 1 Wellness

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·4 min read
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Hong Kong, Dec. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Regent Pacific Group Limited ("Regent Pacific" or the "Company" and together with its subsidiaries, the "Group"; SEHK: 0575.HK)'s Deep Longevity, Inc, a company acquired on 14 December 2020 which develops artificial intelligence to track human aging and extend productive longevity today announced collaborations with Healthy Hire Healthy Retire, International Medical Clinics (IMC) and Peak 1 Wellness to deploy extensive ranges of AI-powered aging clocks.

Deep Longevity is to develop and provide the customized predictors of human biological age to the network of Healthy Hire, IMC and Peak 1 Wellness clinicians and to provide a training program in longevity medicine.

In the scope of the partnership over 100 physicians will be trained in deep aging clocks and will offer AgeMetric™ reports at their wellness events in 2021.

Healthy Hire Healthy Retire provides assistance to first responders, veterans and their families in crisis; IMC provide high-quality, affordable health care and robust services for families and Peak 1 Wellness provides behavioral and medical health solutions to first responders, their families and providers.

"The traditional approach to preventative medicine is focused on preventing disease by diagnosing the symptoms early or reducing the risks of disease. The AI-guided longevity medicine goes much further than that and is focusing on tracking the person's rates of aging at many levels, identification of longevity bottlenecks, and utilizing the latest advances in science and technology to slow down or reverse biological and psychological aging. We are very happy to have Healthy Hire join the rapidly growing network of our research and clinical partners focused on providing customers with extra years of productive and happy life", said Alex Zhavoronkov, Chief Longevity Officer of Deep Longevity Inc.

About Deep Longevity

Originally incubated by Insilico Medicine, Deep Longevity was acquired on 14 December 2020 by Regent Pacific Group Limited (SEHK:0575.HK), a specialist healthcare, wellness and life sciences investment group whose shares are listed on the HK Stock Exchange. Deep Longevity is developing explainable artificial intelligence systems to track the rate of aging at the molecular, cellular, tissue, organ, system, physiological, and psychological levels. It is also developing systems for the emerging field of longevity medicine enabling physicians to make better decisions on the interventions that may slow down or reverse the aging processes. Deep Longevity developed Longevity as a Service (LaaS)© solution to integrate multiple deep biomarkers of aging dubbed "deep aging clocks" to provide a universal multifactorial measure of human biological age. Deep Longevity started its independent journey in 2020 after securing a round of funding from the most credible venture capitalists specializing in biotechnology, longevity, and artificial intelligence. ETP Ventures, Human Longevity and Performance Impact Venture Fund, BOLD Capital Partners, Longevity Vision Fund, LongeVC, co-founder of Oculus, Michael Antonov, and other experts AI and biotechnology investors supported the company. Deep Longevity established a research partnership with one of the most prominent longevity organizations, Human Longevity, Inc. to provide a range of aging clocks to the network of advanced physicians and researchers.


About Regent Pacific (SEHK: 0575.HK)

Regent Pacific is a diversified investment group based in Hong Kong currently holding various corporate and strategic investments focusing on the healthcare, wellness and life sciences sectors whose shares are listed on the HK Stock Exchange. The Group has a strong track record of investments and has returned approximately US$298 million to shareholders in the 21 years of financial reporting since its initial public offering.


About Healthy Hire Health Retire

Healthy Hire Healthy Retire is a not-for-profit organization that provides nationwide support to first responders. Their network consists of doctors and medical staff that provides behavioral health evaluations and wellness testing options for first responders. Helping support preventative care and wellness treatment for its members.


About International Medical Clinics

International Medical Clinics is a one-of-a-kind medical center. They cater to the uninsured community, primarily multi-cultural patients in the Atlanta area. With a vast array of specialties including, foot and lower leg, family medicine, longevity, urgent care, surgery, OBGYN and others. Speaking many languages, providing affordable fees and treating people like family. People fly in from all over for the innovative treatment provided at International Medical Clinic.


About Peak 1 Wellness

Peak 1 Wellness is a nationwide network of doctors and medical staff that provides behavioral health evaluations and wellness testing options for first responders.


SOURCE Regent Pacific Group Limited