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Deep Sky IoT Solutions Can Help Lower Insurance Premiums for Businesses

TULSA, OK, June 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Deep Sky Mobile, in partnership with AppSwarm, Corp. (OTC: SWRM), provides IoT monitoring solutions that can help small, medium and large businesses reduce their loss risk, and lower insurance premiums.

The use of IoT technologies is beginning to transform homeowners’, renters’, workers’ compensation, commercial and general liability insurance.

Benefits for Insurers

Aside from improving the customer experience; using IoT also helps insurers cut costs. IoT can cut the cost of the claims process by as much as 30%, which has helped some insurance companies lower their premiums by as much as 25%. (Source ~ Forbes)

Assess risks more precisely
Improve loss controls
Better manage price policy
Accelerate growth
Improve business practices

Utilizing IoT to Prevent Loss

Products that identify issues or mitigate loss will have a dramatic impact on the insurance industry, but loss prevention is the ultimate goal. In a smart building, detecting a water leak measures the risk. Sending a plumber to investigate and correct the issue mitigates damage but having a valve that automatically responds to a water leak signal and shuts off water to the facility is even better. 

Additionally, security systems that detect someone approaching a warehouse and alerts them that they are being watched is a better solution than alarming when someone breaks a window or opens a door. Prevention and deterrence are superior to loss mitigation.

Store Owner Insurance

Store security monitoring using cloud-connected video cameras and IoT perimeter sensors not only provides a sense of safety and security for the small business owner, but also reduces the risk of burglary and improves the odds of recovering stolen assets.

Stores with connected smart smoke detectors can alert security monitoring firms of potential risk of fire. Many insurers are now offering discounted premiums in exchange for access to IoT store monitoring capabilities (such as smoke and leak-detection sensors) that can reduce the risk and scope of a preventable loss.

Commercial Property Insurance

Smart commercial facilities, such as office buildings, factories, and warehouses can do more than just control lighting and building temperature. These facilities can utilize Deep Sky solutions to monitor valuable assets, detect fire, smoke, earthquakes and hazardous environmental conditions. When integrated with our real-time cloud platform notifications, such IoT connected sensors will be able to provide proactive alerts on a variety of dangerous conditions, protecting people as well as property from potential harm and loss. 

Industrial Benefits

Deep Sky improves tracking of assets (equipment, machinery, tools, etc.) using sensors and connectivity, which helps organizations benefit from real-time insights. Organizations can then more easily locate issues and run preventive maintenance to improve asset utilization.

Companies that employ such technologies, and are willing to share data with insurers, can benefit from a safer operational environment and potentially lower insurance premiums.

At the end of the day the biggest benefit for the business owner utilizing our IoT solutions can be savings!

Looking for an IoT Solution for Your Business?

If you are a corporation, small business, or fleet manager looking to improve operation efficiency while reducing your insurance costs, contact us and one of our IoT representatives will be glad to assist you on a solution that fits your needs. 
Email: info@app-swarm.com

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