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DeepToken Exchange Spearheads The New Wave of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Who Will Standout In The Next Bull Run After Binance?

Crypto Exchange 2.0 ­Will Game Changer, DeepToken, Lead The Next Exchange Coin Wave?

SINGAPORE, Sept. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- As outlined in their whitepaper, DeepToken Exchange (www.deeptoken.com) aims to service this need, assisting valuable, authentic and promising AI companies and startups receive necessary funding and tokenization; allowing them to issue and trade digital assets.

Strict verification processes supported by a robust community of AI leaders and experts from around the world will ensure the business viability and potential of all projects that secure listing on the DeepToken Exchange. DeepToken Exchange sifts through the mud for the gold, protecting both investors and the market as a whole from empty projects.

DeepToken Exchange will introduce the 'Voting as Mining' business model. The goal of this model being to discover and support  quality projects from the giant selection of the ever-expanding AI industry. DeepToken Exchange boasts the support of DeepBrain Chain's powerful, worldwide community of AI experts and enthusiasts. DeepBrain Chain's recent  launch of its AI Training Net will serve to only further strengthen and expand this community.

Finding Tangible Use cases in a Market of Smoke and Mirrors

''We learn from history that we do not learn from history.'' ­- George Hegel

Such wisdom rings especially true in the crypto currency space. During the American Gold Rush era, the ones that found wealth were not those digging for gold, but rather those providing the tools with which to do so, such as water and pickaxes, the demand for which generated greater profit than the prospecting for which they were used.

Binance was undoubtedly the biggest winner during the bull run of late 2017. Its success can be attributed partly to the rise of token trading and the underlying support of the NEO ecosystem. The exchange was experiencing monthly user growth exceeding 1 million, quickly transforming from a relative nobody to an industry giant.

Meanwhile, a number of especially empty and specious projects receive exchange listing during the mania of the bull run as the unregulated industry expands like a wildfire in all directions, not all of which being good for investors nor other, more legitimate projects. As the market bubble deflates, these projects begin to exit the market or otherwise continue to deceive investors with empty promises and questionable progress, the uncertainty and doubt generating a bear market which continues to subdue the rise of more valuable projects.

Experienced traders and investors know that the future and potential of digital currency lies with blockchain projects focusing on real-world use cases and applicability. However, the market still needs to devise a mechanism of protection against projects that offer a lot and deliver very little. An exchange with a meticulous and considered approach to listing is the answer.

Crypto Exchange 2.0: Focused Development

DeepToken Exchange focuses on only the best and brightest AI projects, a streamlined and precise new method of running a crypto currency exchange. In conjunction with partner DeepBrain Chain, DeepToken Exchange offers AI projects full and complete support, assisting in funding, listing, tokenization and, with the use of the DeepBrain Chain platform, significantly reduced costs on computing power necessary for their continued development.

DeepBrain Chain has already begun the process of sorting through a multitude of projects for those with the most potential, and these strategically picked projects will be the first to list on the DeepToken Exchange in the future.

Founder, Feng He, proclaims "DeepToken will be a financing platform for AI companies, a trading platform for AI digital assets, as well as offering support for their product landing; the exchange will stimulate discussions and investments in the AI industry through community assessment and monitoring of AI projects. Eventually, DeepToken will help create a new global AI token economy."


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