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DefenAge Skincare Launches Comprehensive Men's Kit

Luxurious System With Defensins Reprograms Body To Make New and Younger Looking Skin

CARLSBAD, Calif., May 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Progenitor Biologics®, LLC, the manufacturer and distributor of the revolutionary, evidence-based, anti-aging skincare products, DefenAge® Skincare, is proud to announce the launch of new Men's Kit. The technology-sophisticated, fully fragrance-free set takes the guesswork out of results-driven skincare for men using a clearly outlined step-by-step system.

DefenAge Skincare Launches Comprehensive Men’s Kit

The core of DefenAge Men's Kit is the brand's signature scientifically-backed skincare system, clinically proven to address signs of skin exhaustion and aging on a global scale. The line's key proprietary ingredient, Age-Repair Defensins® reprograms the skin to become visibly younger every day. Comprehensive, dermatologist-driven clinical studies show that the system minimizes visible pores and wrinkles, improves brightness, evenness, oiliness, tone, texture, and hydration in just 6 weeks. Unlike retinoid-based systems, DefenAge does not irritate the skin, providing a unique experience with impressive results.

Designed for men who expect impactful performance with zero product confusion, DefenAge Men's Kit offers an easy-to-follow luxurious skincare protocol: a facial cleanser, a daily skin renewing cream and serum, and an exfoliating mask to use once or twice a week. In addition, the Men's Kit contains a hemp sports towel and is housed in an elegant black leather toiletry bag. The towel intensifies protection from bacteria during a workout and offers the hemp-natural anti-microbial features. The stylish, mesh-lined toiletry bag keeps things clean, organized, and easy to grab whether you're heading to the gym or the airport.

"In clinical studies, male participants not only saw dramatic improvement in their facial and neck skin that appeared younger, but also noticed that the skin on their fingertips got softer," said Gregory Keller, MD, the principal investigator in initial clinical studies of DefenAge. "The improvement of a pleasing feeling from a man's touch is a very nice `side effect` of using DefenAge's regimen. As men become older, skin on the palms and fingertips becomes very rough. Obviously, study participants applied the regimen to the face using fingers and hands; thus, DefenAge's defensins were introduced to the hands and fingers and improved the quality of that skin," Dr. Keller noted. "We were alerted to this when one of the study participants, a contractor, who had 'rough' hand skin, mentioned that his wife `liked it` that his `touch` was smoother."

"Men ask for a better and younger look - it's on demand. The reasons are different: to get a better job, to look competitive, for dating, or to not look like a `grandpa` when bringing kids to school. Body shaping, gravitational changes on the face, and quality of the skin eventually get affected as we age. DefenAge has the most advanced and innovative skin-youthening technology on the market. I see impressive improvement of the quality of the skin in my male patients who use DefenAge. I use it myself," said Gregory Chernoff, MD, plastic surgeon from Santa Rosa, California.

"I'm very excited about the launch of the new DefenAge Men's Kits. I have found that, particularly in an incredibly competitive job market, men of all ages are more concerned about their appearance and recognize that feeling good about your skin increases confidence. Our society often associates someone who takes care of themselves with success - it's less about vanity and more about putting your best self forward. I have been recommending DefenAge products to all of my clients for 4 years because, whether it's younger men looking to even out skin tone and scar texture, or older men trying to reduce wrinkles, DefenAge provides a straight forward skincare routine that delivers truly impactful results," said Jeannel Astarita, Celebrity Aesthetician and Founder of Just Ageless Boutique Medi-Spa in New York City.

"DefenAge Men's Kit was designed by men who work at our company. We built it the way we would like to have it for our personal use. After the first idea was lined up, we tested the kit's composition, message, and overall idea with our peers, workout friends and neighbors. We found that the kit really grabbed attention and generated more interest than we ever expected," said Nikolay Turovets, DefenAge's CEO.

DefenAge Men's Kit retails for $427 and can be purchased from selected aesthetic physicians' offices and from www.defenage.com.

About DefenAge

DefenAge® Skincare is a technology-driven, evidence-based skincare line, primarily distributed through the professional aesthetic market including dermatology, plastic and aesthetic surgery practices, and medi-spas. The key ingredient, Age-Repair Defensins®, uses a stand-alone, natural target-specific mechanism of action for skin rejuvenation. The technology is patent-pending, and exclusively available in DefenAge. DefenAge products do not belong to the growth factor category. The Clinical Power Trio is clinical study tested, DefenAge's core skin care regimen that addresses visible signs of skin exhaustion and aging on a global scale. DefenAge's clinical performance and safety is backed up by 14 clinical studies. DefenAge's efficacy is documented in peer reviewed prestigious medical journals and has captured intense physician interest when presented by academic physicians and displayed at aesthetic medical conventions. DefenAge products do not contain animal- or human- originated ingredients, parabens, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, sulfates, mineral oils, colorants, phthalates or BPA and are not tested on animals.

Products are available at www.DefenAge.com.

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