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Delsey Shares Garment Bag Packing Advice

HANOVER, MD--(Marketwired - Jul 9, 2013) - Delsey, creator of feature-rich luggage, knows garment bags are the secret to transporting dresses, suits and formal attire to keep the items neat and nearly wrinkle-free. Perfect for formal events, overnight travel, or business trips, garment bags offer an attractive packing alternative that ensures clothing is ready to wear upon arrival. Now, Delsey reveals how travelers can use a few tips and tricks to make the most of their garment bags.

Step one: Choose the right garment bag
Garment bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Garment covers are protective sleeves that preserve an outfit while transporting. Travelers slip their clothing into the garment cover and the hanger remains accessible through a hole at the top. Perfect for bringing an extra change of clothes or second ensemble for an evening away, and equally as useful for storing formal clothing in closets, garment covers are lightweight and affordable.

Garment bags are more structured and robust, and feature a clamp inside the bag that firmly secures individual hangers, as well as two exterior hooks to hang the bag in a closet or on the back of a door upon arrival. Wheeled garment bags are larger pieces that must be checked-in when flying while non-rolling garment bags can be carried-on by padded top handle or detachable shoulder straps.

Step two: Lay the garment bag on a flat surface
Once you have selected your garment bag, choose a large, flat surface such as a bed or table to lay your garment bag out. Clothing should all be clean, pressed, and ready to wear prior to packing.

Step three: Pack your clothes facing the back of the bag
Karen Schiefler, Senior Sales Manager of Delsey USA, knows a thing or two about packing. She spends quite a bit of time on the road, effectively managing her territory. She has learned to pack her clothing facing the back of the bag, to further reduce wrinkles. "Garment bags fold in two or three, bringing the front of the bag together," Schiefler begins. "Creases in clothing are more likely to occur on the folded side of the bag. By packing clothing with each item facing the back, the front of each item should stay smooth and wrinkle-free!"

Step four: Secure your clothing
It is important to secure clothing in the bag, to ensure items don't shift and wrinkle during transport. To ensure clothing keeps its shape, delicate items can be lined with tissue paper, pants should be zippered and shirts and jackets should be buttoned. And finally, hangers should be attached in the suiter clip at the top of the bag, to keep items from moving within the bag.

Step five: Carefully arrange additional items
Garment bags have pockets and compartments for shoes, sweaters, toiletries and other items that need to be packed. Placing these items in individual bags first can ensure everything stays organized and arranged. Selecting leak-proof bags to store toiletries, and double bagging these items, is especially important, as liquids and gels can expand during air or road travel and any type of leakage could be devastating.

Step six: Hang prior to travel, during travel, and upon arrival
Packing a garment bag is excellent, but what truly makes garment bags valuable is the fact that clothing can be hung up immediately. Delsey garment bags feature two hooks so travelers can hang their bags in a closet or over a door at each destination.

Delsey provides innovative garment solutions in almost every collection. Available at most department stores and specialty luggage shops, Delsey garment covers and bags range from $39.99 for a simple cover to $329.99 for the high-end rolling bags.

For more information, please visit the below sites:
Garment covers: http://www.delsey.com/products/travel/helium-garment-covers/

Non rolling garment bags: http://www.delsey.com/products/travel/helium-fusion-30/detail/product/27858/

Rolling garment bags: http://www.delsey.com/products/travel/helium-superlite-spinners/detail/product/28743/

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