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Delta Air putting seat belts on baggage vehicles

ATLANTA (AP) -- Delta Air Lines Inc. has agreed to install seat belts on its airport vehicles after a baggage handler died last year after being ejected from a vehicle.

In addition the Occupational Safety and Health Administration said it would "address this hazard throughout the airline industry" and that it had recently written to other airlines "reminding them that they are obligated to comply with applicable seat belt use requirements."

Delta will put seat belts in 6,000 baggage handling vehicles, according to its agreement with OSHA. Delta also agreed to pay an $8,500 penalty.

The agreement calls for Delta to train workers in the safe use of the vehicles, and to order future vehicles with seatbelts installed. Its current vehicles will have seatbelts installed within the next year when they come in for regular maintenance.

The agreement announced on Monday also said Delta will enforce seat belt use among its workers and hire safety consultants to monitor the company's seat belt use and report it to OSHA.