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Delta feels positive over 2019, SoftBank says no to Huawei, SeaWorld is cleared

Here are the companies the Yahoo Finance team is watching for you today.

New guidance is out for Delta. The airline now says it expects 2019 earnings to be in-line with expectations and revenue will grow 4% to 6% next year. The CFO says Delta has shown its resilience and worked to overcome the headwinds from rising fuel costs this year.

SoftBank is the latest big mobile carrier saying no to Huawei. The company reportedly will be replacing hardware from China based Huawei in its Japanese telecom system. The U.S. has been pushing foreign companies and governments to avoid Huawei technology, over spying fears.

The Justice Department is closing its criminal investigation into SeaWorld. In a securities filing, the company says, the government isn't taking any additional action. SeaWorld already paid more than $4 million to settle charges it misled investors about the negative impact the documentary "Blackfish" was having on its business.

It's getting a little easier to re-watch favorite scenes on Netflix. The streaming service is testing an instant replay feature that pops-up a message and lets you re-cue those moments. At least one person who tried it out called it distracting. Netflix tells Time magazine it's just a test for now, and they're looking to see if people like it before rolling it out more broadly.

A popular device from Google is coming back to Amazon. The Chromecast is once again up for sale, more than a year after Amazon pulled the devices. At the time, Amazon said they were worried about quote "customer confusion" since it was selling its own Fire TVs. For the record, the Chromecasts up for sale now still don't support prime video.