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Demand Wealth Launches the Nation's First Investment Platform Designed to Align Financial Goals and Personal Values

TYSONS CORNER, Va., March 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Demand Wealth received an undisclosed seven figure investment from FinTech Private Equity firm Niche Investment Partners LLC. providing investors with an alternative to broad or often misleading investment portfolios*, the Demand Wealth platform promotes transparency and respect for every American's voice; allowing clients to invest according to their political, religious, and ethical convictions along with specialized portfolios designed for specific life stages (e.g. newlyweds, divorce or family death).  

Demand Wealth is a first-of-its-kind platform created to provide investors frictionless access to ultra -niche investment portfolios and a free or paid set of full-service financial planning tools; providing ethical and situational peace-of-mind.

Investing in companies with shared values is one of the most underutilized tools for change held by the public. Demand Wealth reminds clients that powerful corporations are built on the investments of average Americans. Investing money in places you believe deserve your support reflects the backbone that America has at her core. 

"Our goal is to help everyday Americans put the power of their wallet to use by investing according to their conscience" says Brandon Mink, President at Demand Wealth. "We know how important it is to put each individual's hard-earned money onto the balance sheets of companies they believe in, to not only see significant portfolio returns, but know that those returns will come from companies they can be proud of." 

The company was created with several goals in mind, including: 

  • To manage money as effectively as any traditional investment firm, while helping clients keep more of their portfolio return. Demand Wealth keeps costs at a fraction of their competitors', while providing comprehensive personal services expected anywhere else; by embracing the digital, paperless world and utilizing the most up to date security and privacy protocol. 
  • To provide personalized portfolios that allow our clients to align their capital with their values for varying risk profiles and stages of life.  
  • Most importantly, to inform Americans that the money in their retirement plan (e.g. 401k) seldomly aligns with their beliefs, even when invested with a like-minded advisor*. Demand Wealth remains transparent with where your money is going and provides a more impactful and personalized portfolio than what is currently available at any other investment firm today. 

"Clients are demanding more from their wealth managers. They want greater customization of their portfolio without compromising the service they have become accustomed to at larger traditional firms", says Wade Ellison, Chief Operating Officer at Demand Wealth. 

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*WSJ- Top ESG funds are still invested in oil 11-11-19 (More than 8% Fossil Fuel exposure in the largest "ESG" ETF as of 1/30/20 vs. 2% Demand Wealth Green) 
*36% of the S&P500 exploits animals (vs. 0% in the Demand Wealth Vegan portfolio). 18% of the S&P500 is involved in pornography (Data taken from the Evalueator screening tool and is based on an average of the two largest Total Market Index ETFs.). The Demand Wealth Christian Portfolio only contains funds screened according to Biblical standards, and therefore has 0% of funds going to companies involved in pornography. 

All press inquiries should be addressed to info@demandwealth.com 

There can be no assurance that any investment product or strategy will achieve its investment objective(s).  Investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal. Advisory services offered through Demand Wealth, LLC, a SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm.  Securities offered through Spire Securities, LLC.  Member FINRA/SIPC  

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