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DemystData Expands Partnership with Equifax

The DemystData marketplace now enables rapid and secure access to high-quality Equifax data products

NEW YORK, Nov. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- DemystData, Inc. today announced an expanded partnership with Equifax, making Equifax data assets for marketing, including IXI wealth and asset data, B2B data, and Analytic Dataset (ADS) available on the DemystData marketplace. Banks, insurance companies, specialty financing firms and FinTech startups can now easily find and evaluate market-leading Equifax data and deploy that data into production to help inform critical business decisions.

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With the DemystData marketplace, users experience easier, more transparent, and expedient access to data from hundreds of certified data sources. Metadata and samples can be evaluated securely, and data can be accessed and mobilized without conducting complex diligence on-- and onboarding of-- each data vendor, one at a time. This allows data scientists to compliantly evaluate and mobilize valuable data from Equifax and hundreds of other Demyst partners to improve models and deliver value for customers.

"Equifax has a deep suite of rich data products that we are onboarding into our ecosystem. Time and time again our client teams are finding the Equifax data to be accurate and incrementally impactful," DemystData SVP Product, Adam Fisher said. "The Equifax B2B Marketing data provides a unique source of business contacts, firmographics, and corporate linkage. IXI aggregated, anonymous consumer economic data is consistently predictive in banking, insurance, and wealth management optimization use cases. The Equifax Analytic Dataset provides FinTechs an anonymized loan-level sample to build out solutions. We're excited to bring all of these proven products to the broader ecosystem."

"The increased use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by organizations of all sizes is fueling a demand for seamless and compliant access to raw and derived data. Our engagement with DemystData allows us to reach new data buyers that benefit from the depth and breadth of the unique assets Equifax has to offer. We are excited to continue this partnership and to make differentiated consumer and business solutions available to clients in an easily consumable way," noted Joy Wilder Lybeer, Equifax Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships and Channel Distribution.

"We are working to take risk and friction out of the external data ecosystem," DemystData CEO, Mark Hookey said. "Data access has become a strategic imperative; both niche sources and large information service providers are needed in combination - but organizations also need a low risk, low friction way to access what adds value to their clients. We offer that with the DemystData marketplace."

About DemystData
DemystData is the leading external data marketplace and helps data scientists tap into the explosive growth of emerging alternate data. The company's Labs and Live products enable rapid data evaluation and use in partnership with many of the world's leading data providers. DemystData has offices in New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Melbourne. Find out more at demyst.com.

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