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Derek Jeter’s Hall of Fame drama: Why his decision to fire 2 MLB legends is causing a dust-up


Drama is afoot off the baseball diamond for Derek Jeter, after a new report claimed there may be two MLB legends who will skip his Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 2020.

According to interviews with Bleacher Report, Andrew Dawson and Tony Perez may both bow out of the ceremony because of the way they were ousted from their jobs with the Miami Marlins team as special assistants.

Perez explained to the news site, “It wasn’t nice, what happened at the end.”

Jeter took over as co-owner of the Florida team after the 2017 season. He asked then-team president David Samson to dismiss Perez and Dawson along with others. The firings reportedly took place without a phone call from Jeter.

Perez was inducted into the HOF in 2000; Dawson in 2010.

Dawson explained he felt “disrespected” by the decision.

“I understand going forward it’s a decision they made; it’s their money, their team, but I’ve got to look out for my pride and welfare also.”

The pair has yet to make a final decision as to whether or not they’ll attend, though they made it clear if they don't - it's because of the famous Yankee.

Jeter will be eligible to enter the Hall of Fame in the institution’s upcoming ballot for 2020.


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