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Des Hague Launches JADA Spices at College Campus

JADA Vegan Seasonings now at UCLA

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / November 15, 2017 / Des Hague, JADA Spices Chairman of the Board, announced that JADA Spices, a superior vegan spice selection, is now being used to flavor dishes at various cafeterias at UCLA. JADA Spices is a healthier seasoning made from unprocessed and unrefined sea salts, various herb and spices, including Turmeric, and without additives.

"Eating well is a central element in obtaining a healthy lifestyle," said Hague. "We are thrilled to place JADA Spices on the menu at UCLA and know that we can provide all students with a healthy and tasty addition to fuel their health."

"Partnering with UCLA is a very special milestone for us. We are in the immediate reach of thousands of students who are saturated with the idea of healthy living/clean eating. With our diverse seasoning collection now as an option, they are able to see exactly how attainable it can be. A small yet simple step in choosing healthier spices is a huge step towards living a healthier lifestyle," said JADA Spices.

"We look forward to placing JADA Spices in every home kitchen and all colleges across North America," concluded Hague.

About JADA Spices, LLC

JADA Spices, LLC is a US-based company serving the local & national market, with a vision for a delicious blend of tasty spices and herbs. JADA's signature spice, Vegan Chicken Salt, has been featured on Valerie Bertinelli's "Valerie's Home Cooking" on the Food Network and earned Amazon's Best-Seller title on a few occasions. JADA's Vegan Chicken Salt, made from unprocessed and unrefined sea salt, onion, and garlic powder, as well as Turmeric and other spices, is the only Vegan Chicken Salt produced in America. It is a healthier alternative to table salt and chicken bouillon without MSG, soy, additives, or fillers and without allergens, including milk, eggs, or fish. Inspired by Australia's non-vegan Chicken Salt, JADA Spices proves that Vegan alternatives offer a much healthier option for health-conscious consumers without sacrificing taste. Currently, JADA Spices is proud to offer six Vegan flavors: Original, Low Sodium, Lime, Red Pepper, BBQ, and Turmeric Salt. For more information, visit: https://www.chickensalt.com/.

For more information, visit: www.deshague.com and www.deshaguenews.com.

Des Hague - https://www.linkedin.com/in/deshague/, https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/aegis-enterprises-llc#/entity


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