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Web Design Company, Huemor, Discusses How To Successfully Market Your Ecommerce Page

NEW YORK, Oct. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Your product page is your ecommerce website's money. Marketing your product page is key for your brand's growth online and offline; the tactics you use on your product pages are key to growing your store. But what works best for product page marketing? Web design company, Huemor, discusses how to successfully market your ecommerce page below.

  • Actionable Page Content: The most important button on your ecommerce page is "Add to Cart". This rule should guide the rest of your process. What kind of copy or photos will encourage your ideal customer to click that button? Make sure there are no competing calls to action on your product page: Add to Cart should be the most obvious next step.
  • Stunning Visuals: Your product visuals are the most important piece of the ecommerce puzzle. These days, one mediocre photo isn't going to cut it. Shoppers want to see your product from different angles and in context. Video achieves all of this.
    Note: Some image types perform better for different product types. Spec-based items, like computers and phones, benefit from large, eye-catching images, whereas experience based items like jewelry and clothes benefit from smaller images placed in more white space.
  • Straightforward Navigation: Site navigation should always be intuitive. Simple menus, headlines, and the CTA button influence how customers interact with your ecommerce page. Use these to your advantage. Menus should be well laid out, text should be clear and readable, and your CTA should be visually prominent.
  • Connect to Social Networks: Social media is a marketing powerhouse. Use social media on your product page by featuring user-generated content from your customers (with permission!) This not only engages past customers with your brand, but also helps shoppers trust you more. (Which lowers the barrier to making a sale.) Have a live Instagram feed that lets customers see your products being used by normal people like them - not just paid sponsorships.

Marketing an ecommerce page is no simple task, but the techniques and guiding principles above are a solid start. Find out how your brand can transform your product page using some of these suggestions.

About Huemor: Huemor web development company in New York helps ecommerce, beauty, SaaS, B2B, and nonprofit businesses create a best-in-class website experience to drive their online growth and improve their overall bottom line. Huemor's team of designers and developers work to create memorable websites that tell your brand's story, improve your key metrics, and display your brand with pride. Balancing memorable brand experiences with user-centric design, Huemor has amassed an impressive portfolio of case studies with successful clients, helping companies build memorable digital experiences for their brand across various industries.


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