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DesignRush Announces The 3 Best Social Media Best Practices Of 2019 -- Plus, The Top 32 Social Media Marketing Agencies

DesignRush determined the leading social media best practices that will help brands grow effectively online, plus the top social media marketing agencies of 2019.

NEW YORK, March 12, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- More than half of all social media users engage with brands at least one time per month.

In fact, brands that use strategic social media marketing campaigns have the ability to drastically improve brand visibility, website traffic, customer service, and more.

DesignRush.com, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, uncovered the top social media marketing best practices of 2019. By following these tips, brands can successfully reach new consumers and cultivate brand loyalty.

The top 3 social media best practices include:

1. Engage With Followers

Social media notably drops the veil between brands and consumers, allowing them to communicate freely and build natural trust.

In fact, consumers who experience positive customer service on social media spend an average of 21% more on that brand's products or services.

To create a positive experience for social media users, brands should:

  • Respond to comments and questions immediately
  • Check private messages
  • Answer hard questions and respond to criticisms to show transparency
  • And more!

2. Target Users On Mobile

80% of time spent on social media is on mobile devices. Therefore, brands will likely experience better campaign success rates by targeting their social media ads to mobile users.

Mobile social media advertisement best practices include:

  • Optimizing images for mobile-size screens
  • Keeping copy short and concise
  • Manually adding mobile devices in custom target audience lists
  • And more!

3. Create An Editorial Calendar

Social media may seem like an easy digital marketing platform to manage, but brands shouldn't just start posting without a plan. Instead, the most successful social media strategies are those that are thought out and planned weeks – if not, months – in advance.

Luckily, creating a comprehensive editorial calendar for social media can be achieved in just a few steps. These include:

  • Collaborating with other marketing departments to sync campaigns and promotions across all channels
  • Cross-referencing major company milestones and holidays with content that you plan to post
  • Sourcing images and content that you plan to post well in advance
  • Writing captions for social media posts in advance
  • Including a mix of video, image, written content, and external link content throughout your editorial calendar
  • And more!

"Nowadays, consumers can tell when a brand is flying by the seat of their pants on social media," says DesignRush Founder and Executive Director Gabriel Shaoolian. "And unfortunately, not planning ahead, properly targeting consumers or interacting with users to improve brand experience on social channels can be detrimental to business growth."

DesignRush's Agency Listing section features the best local and global social media marketing companies. Some of the top social media marketing agencies from around the world include:

1. Gri Creative

Gri Creative presents a wide array of end-to-end solutions that cover digital, conventional, and social media. At the foundation for its presented solutions sits the in-depth analysis of needs and user behaviors and a strategic approach established over this. Setting out from brand goals in the digital world, user experience analyses, and market and competition information, it develops a strategic plan for the presence of the products, services, and companies in the digital universe. It writes stories of success with measurable, results-oriented, and creative practices for the brands it serves. In conventional media, it provides strategic planning, content and creative idea development, and application services for the marketing communications of brands, products, and services. It monitors updates for brand communication in social media channels, produces content in line with strategic and tactical decisions, and creates unique design models and practices.

Visit Gri Creative online at: https://www.gricreative.com/

2. MD Communication

MD Communication believes that communication is an integral part of brands themselves, not just a marketing mask, and that every brand deserves an approach as individual as they are. They learn about their clients' businesses and the challenges they face, which means they look wherever they need to find the right answers. For that reason, each client or project is a journey of research, strategy, design and technology, integrated communication solutions and consumer engagement.

Visit MD Communication online at: http://mdcommunication.ro/

3. Viral In Nature Inc.

Viral In Nature is an award-winning social media, reputation management and web development agency. Their social media command center is located in Calgary, Alberta. Their mission statement is: "Capturing the POWER of SOCIAL MEDIA for the benefit of our clients."

Visit Viral In Nature online at:http://viralinnature.com/

4. Envicion Studio Sdn Bhd

Envicion began its journey as a graphics studio in 2009. After a few years, they spread their wings and ventured into digital designs and branding. Offering end-to-end services from graphics to digital design and digital marketing, Envicion has grown twice in size, as its numbers of employees doubled to date. In addition, their revenue has jumped 300% year-over-year. Beginning with a client base of property developers, they are now a trusted agency for some international FMCG brands.

Visit Envicion Studio Sdn Bhd online at: http://www.envicionstudio.com.my/

5. Oak Street Social

Oak Street Social is a boutique social media marketing firm dedicated to elevating unique brands into household names. From brand consulting to copywriting to social media management & campaign development, they are devoted to connecting and creating a community for both big and small brands. Their goal is to empower consumers to start talking about the brands they help.

Visit Oak Street Social online at: http://www.oakstsocial.com/

6. CNG Digital Marketing

Because of advances in online technology, today's clients are empowered in directing the flow of advertising and branding. Consequently, more targeted marketing in the form of search engine optimization, pay per click (PPC), social media marketing has become more essential than ever. CNG is a family who is passionate about providing a meticulous business strategy and marketing, mobile advertising, social media optimization, search engine optimization, and multicultural marketing. CNG Digital Marketing is driven by results. If brands succeed, they succeed.

Visit CNG Digital Marketing online at: https://cngdigitalmarketing.com/

7. Ernst Media

Ernst Media is a boutique digital marketing agency with more than 15 years of experience building and growing products and brands. They specialize in paid search, social, and display and they are committed to delivering measurable results.

Visit Ernst Media online at: https://ernstmedia.co/

8. Escalate Digital Marketing

Escalate is a brand management agency based in Dublin, Ireland. They specialize in online marketing solutions for the hospitality, retail and design industries. They help clients grow and achieve a successful online presence by putting their brand message in front of the right people, at the right time across all social media platforms.

Visit Escalate Digital Marketing online at: https://escalate.ie/

9. Green Arrow Marketing

Green Arrow Marketing & Media is a premier full-service marketing & advertising agency that believes great advertising is an investment to improve a company's growth & profitability. They work with each of their partners to create individualized marketing plans that deliver results within budget. Their staff of experts excels in their specific marketing tactics so brands get the best results for their dollar. As a full-service agency, there's nothing they can't do to grow their clients' bottom lines.

Visit Green Arrow Marketing online at: https://www.greenarrowmm.com/

10. L.A. Social Karma

Small to mid-sized business don't always have the manpower or the budget for an internal marketing department to handle all of the nitty-gritty details of promoting the brand, products or services. But L.A. Social Karma can take the worry and guesswork out of a brand's marketing strategy by providing a full-service marketing department that is customized to the needs of each business. They are looking to both grow businesses and grow WITH businesses.

Visit L.A. Social Karma online at: https://lasocialkarma.com/

11. Local Leap Marketing

Local Leap Marketing is passionate about helping businesses grow and always looking for creative ways to turn tire kickers into customers. They think outside the box and strive to develop unique, custom marketing strategies that get results.

Visit Local Leap Marketing online at: https://localleap.com/

12. MarketTap

MarketTap helps small to medium-sized ecommerce businesses sell more online. MarketTap is a simple platform that allows brands to streamline the way they manage their marketing services by booking services online and receiving updates on the status of their projects through their account. MarketTap offers flexible pay-as-you-go pricing with no long-term commitments or contracts involved. Their dedicated team of in-house marketing gurus is a passionate and diverse team that understand the stresses that small to medium-sized ecommerce companies face. They work to create amazing marketing services that offer a return on investment that will truly benefit each business.

Visit MarketTap online at: https://markettap.com/

13. Revolution Media Marketing

Revolution Media Marketing is a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO positioning services, content writing, Google advertising, web page design and online stores, social network management, graphic design and audiovisual content production.

Visit Revolution Media Marketing online at: https://revolutionmediamarketing.com/

14. Crowd

Crowd's global team includes specialists in every aspect of marketing, from SEO and PPC to branding, web build and advertising. So whether it's local insight or global reach, Crowd will make a world of difference to every brand.

Visit Crowd online at: https://thisiscrowd.com/

15. AdsUp Agency

As a creative and media agency, AdsUp Agency's goal is to bring together the best of traditional advertising and the latest in the digital world. As a new agency based in Vienna, they strive to develop campaigns that not only produce attention but also create real added value. Data analysis and creative solutions are their main focus. They want to change the status quo by creating ads that really trigger viral waves in the social web.

Visit AdsUp Agency online at: https://www.adsup.agency/

16. Alycia Yerves Creative

Alycia Yerves Creative is not a cookie-cutter company. They want to get to know their clients' brands so that they can create custom solutions that get results. Their services include graphic design, web design, branding, content strategy, digital marketing, email marketing, video, reputation management, art direction, creative consulting, and more.

Visit Alycia Yerves Creative online at: https://www.alyciayerves.com/

17. Penny Marketing

Penny Marketing is a small media buying & digital marketing agency that works with small businesses on multi-platform and multi-screen campaigns leveraging social media, website content, lead generation integration, reputation management, and programmatic networks like Facebook's Audience Network, Google Display Network, YouTube, TrueView, and more. They are best at providing clients with measurable results that track ROI.

Visit Penny Marketing online at: https://www.apennymarketing.com/

18. Big Reach Marketing

Big Reach Marketing is a social media and digital marketing agency that is extremely passionate about helping businesses to build their brand and reach a bigger audience online. Big Reach offers a full range of digital marketing services including search engine optimization, social media management and training, PPC advertising, copywriting and email marketing.

Visit Big Reach Marketing online at: https://www.bigreach.co.uk/

19. eBoost Consulting

eBoost Consulting helps great companies grow through search and social paid advertising. Since 2005, their team of digital marketing experts has been running highly successful digital marketing campaigns with a focus on innovation, results and customer satisfaction.

Visit eBoost Consulting online at: https://www.eboostconsulting.com/

20. Empty Desk Solutions

Empty Desk Solutions aims to empower and contribute to the growth of Canadian small business owners and their employees. They work to support small businesses and their employees by providing professional and affordable marketing solutions that facilitate growth and trust of their businesses in their local marketplace.

Visit Empty Desk Solutions online at: https://www.emptydesksolutions.ca/

21. Operation Technology

Operation Technology is focused on providing a high level of customer service while building long-term relationships with clients. Their design and digital marketing solutions are customized to meet the specialized business objectives of each client.

Visit Operation Technology online at: https://www.operationtechnology.com/

22. Pace Social Media

Pace Social Media's social media, marketing, branding, and production services can help transform a website from dreary to state-of-the-art in almost no time. They pride themselves on their quick turn around and even quicker results. No matter the business or sales niche, Pace Social Media has worked across countless topics and focuses to help bring the traffic to their clients.

Visit Pace Social Media online at:https://www.pacemediasolutions.com/

23. The Interactive Dept.

The Interactive Dept. is a digital marketing agency that produces online experiences that connect businesses with consumers. They strive to develop long-term relationships with their clients, to fully understand their business and to grow with them over time as both the technology and their marketplace evolves. Their expertise includes social media marketing, modern video production, brand engagement and dynamic sales funnels.

Visit The Interactive Dept. online at: https://www.theinteractivedept.com/

24. TwoGuys Creative

Everything that TwoGuys Creative does is to enable businesses to thrive by building experiences, connecting customers and driving desire. They do this through creating strategies, websites and content that build brand trust. They are a full-service digital agency focused on the future, driving growth with best-in-class creative, branding, content planning, bespoke web design, social media management and everything else a brand needs to succeed.

Visit TwoGuys Creative online at: https://www.two-guys.co.uk/

25. VisualFizz

VisualFizz connects emotions and experiences back to digital marketing. They change the way brands interact with users. VisualFizz is a team of marketers who do things differently. They aim to connect real human emotions back to digital marketing.

Visit VisualFizz online at: https://www.visualfizz.com/

26. The Creative Exchange

The Creative Exchange is a content studio and social media agency with a heart for storytelling and building CPG brands. They pride themselves on their ability to craft meaningful, original content that cuts through the noise and elevates each brand in the digital space. They not only promote each client's message and build their business through social media but serve as a communication liaison to share the message in a cohesive and compelling way.

Visit The Creative Exchange online at: https://www.thecreativeexchange.co/

27. Bellevue Communications

Bellevue Communications is a Philadelphia-based public relations firm specializing in media relations, crisis communications and digital strategy. Bellevue was created in a joint venture with Wojdak Government Relations and draws on Wojdak's long-standing reputation as one of the preeminent lobbying firms in Pennsylvania. They are committed to the development of strategic, carefully tailored communications that put a premium on getting results for the client.

Visit Bellevue Communications online at:http://www.bellevuepr.com/

28. AdEdge Digital Marketing

AdEdge Digital Marketing draws on over 10 years of experience to offer a proven, cost-effective model for growing clients' online presence. Whether it's improving SEO performance, a pay-per-click campaign, banner advertising, social media marketing or one of their many other services, they put best practices and advanced tactics successfully to work.

Visit AdEdge Digital Marketing online at: https://www.adedgemarketing.com/

29. 10 Forward

10 Forward has worked for over 5 years as a social media agency in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and has found that social media has intrinsically challenged the traditional relationship between businesses and consumers. They learned that smart businesses are leveraging every opportunity in the digital marketing landscape, particularly social media, to meet business objectives.

Visit 10 Forward online at: https://www.10forward.ae/

30. Social Fire Media

Social Fire Media's clients range from local businesses to national brands, and they love taking on new challenges. They handle it all – from Google & Facebook advertising to website design and development to graphic design, branding, marketing materials, social media, email marketing, and everything in between. Their goal is to earn a 5-star review every single time.

Visit Social Fire Media online at: https://socialfiremedia.com/

31. All Points Digital

All Points Digital's team of expert marketers, technologists, and creative thinkers help clients navigate the process of digital brand building and business growth in today's fast-paced world. They help brands use data effectively to guide their digital strategy and find the right combination of tactics at every stage of the funnel. They embrace new and emerging technologies and create long-lasting partnerships through enhanced, growth-focused marketing strategies. They believe that a connected world is best served by connected thinking, and they incorporate that approach into our marketing initiatives.

Visit All Points Digital online at: https://allpoints.digital/

32. Hurix Systems Pvt Ltd.

Along with paid promotions, Hurix Systems offers a unique blend of organically driven marketing service. They work closely with their clients to create stunning visuals and marry it with an appealing copy. But their skills don't end there. Hurix Systems watches, listens, and acts. They analyze and curate content with social listening, hop on to new trends and apply their learnings to get the best results for the clients.

Visit Hurix Systems Pvt Ltd. online at: https://hurix.com/

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