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Destiny 2 gameplay revealed, PvP matches now 4v4 across all modes

The Tower is under siege in Destiny 2 (Activision)

[UPDATE: A previous version of the article stated that the Dawnblade was a Hunter ability, while Arcstrider was a Warlock ability. It was vice versa, and has been fixed.]

In a pre-E3 press conference, Bungie revealed gameplay for the upcoming Destiny 2.

The hour-long stream featured a slew of feature announcements for Destiny 2 along with a first look at gameplay. A video showed an early mission in the game, in which the Tower from the first game is under siege from a powerful figure named Dominos Ghaul. Once that happens, the player-controlled Guardian characters lose all of their powers, levels, and gear they had collected while playing the original Destiny, forcing them to start from scratch.

The single player campaign will take place across four all-new zones, including the European Dead Zone of Earth, moon of Saturn Titan, moon of Jupiter Io, and fictional asteroid Nessus. There will be new missions, new Strikes, and a brand new raid.

To complete that raid, you’ll need a group. Whereas the first Destiny required you to find groups outside of the game, Destiny 2 will have Guilds to help you bring together a squad to take on Destiny’s endgame content. If you’d rather not join a Guild, there’s the option to run raids with the Guided Games mode, which matches lone wolves with guilds who are looking to find that last player to fill out their crew.

Three new subclasses will be coming in Destiny 2: the Dawnblade (Warlock), the Sentinel (Titan), and the Arcstrider (Hunter). The Dawnblade summons a flaming sword and launches the Warlock into the sky, allowing them to rain fire down from above. The Sentinel effectively turns a Titan into Captain America, complete with a throwable shield that bounces from enemy to enemy to knock them out. The Arcstrider gives Hunters both a staff and the ability to dash around the area, smacking down anyone in their path with great acrobatics.

Changes will also be coming to the Crucible. All PvP game modes will now feature 4v4 matches, a new HUD with more information about your opponents, and new maps. There will also be a new made called Countdown, a control point-style mode.

You can watch the full VOD of the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal on Bungie’s YouTube Gaming channel. More information, including what the raid is going to look like, will be coming soon.

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