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Devonshire Research Group Publishes Report that Challenges Government Issues Consumer Price Inflation

NEW YORK, April 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On Thursday April 27th, Devonshire Research Group, a New York-based research and analysis affiliate of Devonshire Capital Funds, issued a report summarizing growing concerns among contrarian observers that consumer price inflation is systematically under-reported by US Federal Government. The report was supported by data from three leading contrarian inflation analysts: the Chapwood Index, Shadowstats Alternate Inflation Indices (both the CPI and the implicit GDP deflator) and the Consumer Purchasing Power Index (CPPI) developed by Now and Futures.

Devonshire Research Group incorporated the latest CPPI insights in the report entitled "Consensus of the Contrarians", that investigates competing measures of consumer price inflation and the implications the controversy over inflation has for investors. 

According to Devonshire's report, a wide range of inflation indices and concepts are intimately commingled leading to a widening divergence between reality, published government statistics and the assumptions used for investment decisions. Notably, a "Consensus of Contrarians" is emerging, one that is shared across several independent critics and supported by concerns among many that official statistics paint an overly optimistic picture of the economy. If true, this emerging consensus suggests that many institutional investors are using incorrect assumptions in their asset allocation models and investment decisions. Capital preservation strategies may be compromised, portfolio allocations may be distorted, and return performance is likely broadly overstated. The broader effect on capital markets is likely profound and complicated, and suggests an impending black-swan event may be looming around overstated inflation corrections. The full report is available for download at www.devonshireresearch.com

About Devonshire Research Group

Devonshire Research Group, LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser pioneering advanced analytical methods and machine learning techniques in uncovering over-stated assets, investments, and companies. The firm advises its clients on hard-to-value and illiquid asset portfolio risks, valuation exposures, and periodically publishes public research.


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