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DeVos says Obama 'weaponized' rules created for defrauded students

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    Prior to the new education secretary’s arrival, ED officials reviewed thousands of borrower complaints against Corinthian Colleges, ITT Technical Institute, and other now-defunct for-profit colleges. The veteran officials concluded that the defrauded borrowers deserved to be fully relieved of their student debts.

    But DeVos overruled the analysis.

    Yep. Smarter'n EVERYBODY, they are.
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    Obama left office not every person in the administration. In fact the Education department ran just like it always did at the beginning of the Trump admin. Of course Billionaire Betsy supports the donations received by "For Profit" colleges to GOP reps and began changing the rules in order to benefit those companies.
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    Joey Trautman
    After an ethics committee review, it was detailed that Betsy DeVos has ties to over 100 different student loan debt company holders that may pose a conflict of interest. DeVos and her family and friends directly profit off student loan debt, she will do anything in her power to make sure none of it is forgiven, and that the prices get higher.
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    Let me correct what she is saying "Processes implemented by the Obama administration are being stalled by herself and the Education Department (ED) for loan forgiveness because they were implemented by President Obama". There, fixed it.
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    The voice of reason
    "DeVos inherited 64,000 claims from students seeking relief. (Presently there are roughly 240,000 claims pending)."

    Hmmm, something doesn't seem quite right there...
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    Unbelievable. DeVos alleges the Obama administration was at fault for the backlog of student debt forgiveness and had 64,000 unresolved claims when Obama left office. What has DeVos been doing over the past almost three years? The number of unresolved claims has skyrocketed to 240,000 unresolved claims. That's a jump of 400%. How come nothing was done about this for almost 3 years?

    And I can't help but notice that the increase during her tenure in the Dept. of Education is explained away, once again, by blaming it on Obama. What didn't happen during the past almost three years to cause a 400% increase? I know - it's Obama's fault.

    And the schools Obama didn't like? Those were for profit schools that were not providing adequate education and, in many cases, closed down before a student could get a degree. DeVos' family owns a large number of such schools.

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    How is she even eligible to hold this office given her own involvement regarding student loans? Is that even legal?
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    Yarg Barkley
    She owns a company specializing in student loan collection!
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    Very blatant conflict of interest. Every loan she denies for this or the loan forgiveness programs for teaching in specific at-risk/socio-economically disadvantaged districts is a loan that continues to charge interest for her family business.
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    Independent view
    Devos is CERTAINLY a Trump supporter repeating " BUT BUT OBAMA"


    She is wealthy and educated so she knows it wasn't Obama's fault but she ALSO knows that the TrumpTrash will believe it.

    Conservative poors only accept facts that align with their predetermined narrative.

    Poors define a narrative and ignore anything that goes against it.

    Conservative poors and general TrumpTrash do not need to "know" the facts, only to "believe" in a narrative (real or fiction, it does not matter) .